The Gulf is a "Community" That Sure Could Use Some "Organizing"!

Well, another tired old trope about President Obama sure seems to have bitten the dust: Mainly, his much-vaunted ability to bring disparate groups of restive neighbors together to accomplish great things. At least, isn’t that what we are told is the specialty of the “Community Organizer”?  So, why has he failed so miserably to “Organize” the “Community” that stretches roughly from Kenner, Louisiana to Venice, Florida?

Any rudimentary understanding of a map of the United States might reveal a startling truth to the President: Our Gulf Coast is, in every sense of the word, a “Community”. And Lord, does it need organizing. Night after night, we are treated to heartbreaking scenes of elected Parish leaders on the verge of tears as they beg the Federal Government to let them suck up oil, or build sand berms, or lease additional skimmers.

Over here, we see Governor Jindahl filling sandbags, begging the Federalis to get their boot off his throat. Over there, you see shrimpers weeping that Obama hasn’t suspended the Jones provisions to allow foreign-flagged vessels to help with the clean up. Over there is BP, scuttling around like a grease-covered fry cook with his kitchen ablaze. And yet, where is the leadership, where is the “Organization”?

Oh, wait, there’s the “Community Organizer”: Over in Arizona, in some courthouse, filing suit against a sovereign state. No, there he is: On the road, barking about what a marvelous success his “stimulus” has been. And, of course, he has no problem “Organizing” “Communities” of foursomes for his next tee-time.

The incompetance is truly breathtaking: But the arrogance is worse.