Harry Reid: Piddling around the eddies of the Mainstream

So, it turns out that the stump-toothed Nevadans engaged in drunken vapors and elected Sharron Angle (who is evidently some female Archie Bunker, by all accounts) to carry the banner for the Grunting Old Party. Can you imagine the temerity of choosing someone to serve in the United States Senate who actually believes in the Constitution? What a bunch of cast-offs from Deliverance those zany Republicans are! As the very astute and impartial Associated Press put it:

Democrats are already depicting Angle as a loopy fringe figure, more caricature than politician.

Angle wants to phase out Social Security for younger workers, eliminate the Education Department and once suggested that alcohol should be illegal. While in the Legislature, Angle wanted inmates to enter a drug rehabilitation program devised by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, an idea she still defends.

“It looks like good news for Harry Reid,” said University of Nevada, Las Vegas, political scientist David DaMore. “She has pretty well defined herself as a niche candidate.”

Of course, this is in contrast to Harry Reid, who is so filled with paternal wisdom he looks positively Aristotelian. Clearly, in 2010, it is not “fringe” or “niche” to want to enslave doctors in a Soviet-style “Health Plan”, or to use government thugs to seize private capital, or proclaim a manifestly essential molecule a pollutant, or declare wars lost while we still have valiant warriors still on the battlefield– No, these views, at least according to Harry Reid, are positively “mainstream”.

We’d better get behind Angle in a big way, and soon. We cannot allow candidates who clearly articulate constitutional, conservative principals to be castigated as lunatics. It is Harry Reid who is the consummate freak, and who would be utterly unrecognizable as an American Statesman to someone like James Madison, or George Washington, or even Woodrow Wilson or Harry Truman. Harry Reid is a pathetic disgrace, and we need to make HIM the issue.