IN MEMORIAM: The Deepwater Horizon Eleven

There were eleven magnificent men killed when the the Transocean Deepwater Horizon exploded on April 20th. They all had familes, they all had loved ones, and the pain of their passing probably is nearly unendurable for them. Here are their names, and perhaps we can say a prayer for them and their families:

Jason Anderson
Aaron Dale Burkeen
Donald Clark
Stephen Curtis
Roy Wyatt Kemp
Karl Kleppinger
Gordon Jones (M-I SWACO)
Blair Manuel (M-I SWACO)
Dewey Revette
Shane Roshto
Adam Weise

Oftentimes we in America don’t pay enough homage to the incredibly brave and hard-working men and women that go into coal mines, out to oil rigs, inside refineries, behind the wheel, or into containment facilities to supply us with the fuel and energy to maintain our blessed, incredibly advance style of life. We don’t think twice when we flip the switch, or pull up to the pump and –everything just works.

I cannot imagine the daily grind of waking up on a tiny oil platform in a wide, wide ocean, with no solid ground on the horizon, or crouching in the hard earth miles underground and breathing the heavy air, or battling the suburban traffic to fill the storage tanks at the local Speedway station. And yet, these things are done hundreds and thousands of time a day, by largely anonymous men and women. The only time we hear about them is when there is tragedy.

I would trade every sea turtle for one Stephen Curtis, or one Donald Clark.

All of the environmental agitators should be ashamed of their despicable, despicable behavior, while the mortal remains of these men have yet to be found, they are out there hysterically screaming about a few jellyfish, or a dead albatross or two.

In all likelihood, this accident was just that: A terrible, terrible accident. The time for recrimination, for political acrimony, for public debate will come. The men and women who provide us our fuel, our energy and our light are to be honored and praised, long before we tally up the lost flora and fauna.

I will be remembering the Deepwater Horizon Eleven the next time I fill up my tank, or flip a switch. I hope God has welcomed Them into His Kingdom.