MICHIGAN ON THE CLIFF: Points To Ponder...

After the election in the autumn of 2008, the Michigan House of Representatives went from a Democrat majority of 58-42 to an eye-popping 67-43.

Since that time, of course, Michigan continues to careen ever faster toward the shoulder-cable at the top of the fiscal cliff. In such dire times, who are the luminaries in the Michigan Democrat legislative caucus upon whom we depend to slam on the brakes? Well…

..Of the 66 (one seat is now vacant from the original 67-seat Democrat Majority), Legislators:

8 are Public School Teachers.

23 are direct Public Sector employees (such as administrators, mayors, firefighters, bureaucrats).

6 are former staffers of other Michigan elected officials.

13 are attorneys.

7 hold degrees in Political Science.

…And only 21 Democrats have (or once had) careers directly related to the private economy. Of these 21, 6 are retirees from one of the Big Three automakers, 4 of whom were highly placed in the UAW. Two of the 21 worked for automobile-associated jobbers, and only 13 have backgrounds in the pure, small-business mercantile economy (3 of whom inherited successful businesses from their parents). That is fewer than 20% of the total Democrat caucus.

Additionally, there are 10 of these Democrat legislators that are younger than 35, and four are younger than 30.

This is not atypical. Most state Democrat legislative caucuses are peopled by social-climbing technocrats that have been bathed and educated in the government sector, or along the plaintiff’s bar, many of whom see themselves in the political intramural leagues as the next JFK or Barack Obama. They think they were born to govern, and as such, have very little understanding of what actually funds the instrumentalities of government.

THIS, I believe, is the taproot of our struggle.