Yelling "FIRE!" in an Empty Theater

All righty, folks, listen up!

As conservatives, we have to stop responding to every Radical Liberal hissy-fit that flares up. Right now, for example, we’re supposed to be in high dudgeon over the horrendous mis-deeds of Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. He redecorated his office!! His minions visited a strip club!! He had Impure Thoughts while waiting to board at the Steamboat Landing!! And so on, and on.

Earlier, we were supposed to be all a-flutter about the racist homophobic knuckle-draggers who had the temerity to protest in Washington on the day the Riechstag passed its “Health Care Bill”. Before that, we were supposed to call for the head of some heretofore unknown congressman who called Bart Stupak’s pro-abort language a “baby killer”. Before that, we were all supposed to be agog with horror that Sarah Palin wrote crib-notes one her hand. The attacks never stop from the Radical Statist Media Complex, and they never will. This crap goes back to the first Nixon-Kennedy debate, and to this day, the left wingers simply love to show Nixon sweating like a truck horse, and Kennedy sitting there looking like Pierre Cardin– without telling people watching the tapes that Nixon was just coming off a serious leg infection he re-injured on his way into the studio, and Kennedy was pumped full of Cortisone, and had just spent a week on the beach in Florida.

The point is this:

The Leftists will ALWAYS point at conservatives and shout “FIRE!”. The question is, how many conservatives do we let into their theater?

When Leftist Radicals say “Michael Steele is a Pervert with a Credit Card problem”, we should respond, “Oh, Huh, interesting.. But the Democrat Party just anexed the health-care economy to the Federal Government with an illegal bill” When they say someone called poor Barney Frank a name, we should respond, “Oh, huh, interesting.. But Barack Obama said unemployment wouldn’t rise above 8% if we passed the pork-jammed ‘stimulus’ bill!”  When the statists say, “Sarah Palin is a rube, and probably a birther”, we should respond, “Oh, huh, interesting.. And speaking of birthers, did you hear what Michelle Obama had to say about where her husband was born?”

NEVER respond to the radicals and their idiocy. Deconstruct, re-divert, go on offense–in short, be strong in our convictions! When the Statist Radical Leftist Democrats yell “FIRE”, make sure the theater is empty.