i keep hearing this faint chant, something along the lines of “Repeal and Replace” from various Republican squishes. Nope–; Wrong. Right now, the far bigger threat to this country is the train wreck of Obamacare, not whether or not we as conservatives have some grandiose health-care nostrum to take the place of it. Call out the Republican Haz-Mat Team to clean up the wreckage. The, maybe, someday, we can revisit the health-care issue.

Also, we can’t make any allusion to repealing around the edges of this disaster. Nibbling here, trimming there is the highway to serfdom. Our only hope as a nation, and the Republican’s hope as a viable party, is to state, loud, clear and unequivocal, is “Repeal”. That’s it. Print on billboards, t-shirts, blimps, matchbooks, whatever, with nothing else but that word. And, if they want to make this election a tsunami, make a public declaration that when they are done with their first week in office in January, not one scintilla of one letter of one word of Obamacare will be left on the books if Republicans are put back in charge. Sure, the odious President will veto, but so what. Keep sending it to him every week until he either signs it, or untill he gets his rear-end kicked in November of 2012.