On November 22, 1963, eastern patrician grandee Daniel Patrick Moynihan put his head in his hands and declared that the murder of John F. Kennedy that day had been committed by the entire conservative city of Dallas. When he saw Lee Harvey Osward on TV being led around manacled in the Dallas City Jail, Moynihan said, “And the hell of it is, they’ll blame the whole thing on that one 25-year-old boy.”

Actually, “they” never did. Instead of blaming the murder on the actual barbarian who committed it –Oswald– we’ve spent the intervening fifty years blaming “right-wing hatred” in Dallas for the murder of John Kennedy. Just ask radical leftist Oliver Stone who murdered Kennedy–, he’ll tell you. “Right Wing Hatred” seems to get blamed for things it manifestly has nothing to do with.  Right now, we’re busy blaming “right-wing hatred” for all sorts of things, from Ann Coutler’s restive non-visit to an Ontario “college”, to the arrival of Congressman Anthony Weiner’s mail-order Desenex.

In light of the recent spate of congressional limp-wrists getting all a-dither at the alleged up-tick in violent threats from Hateful Right Wingers, I am compelled to set the record straight.

You can scour American political history of the last hundred and fifity-or-so years of the modern era, and you will find practically no incidences of “right wing hatred” killing any political figure, or causing much  harm of any kind. In fact, you can make a general observation that “right wing hatred” does not exist. In sum and in fine, the political assassinations, the rebellions, the riots and general unrest are fomented and committed by people on the Left.

The closest to a “right winger” you may find involved in political terror is Andrew Kehoe, a brutal and mentally unstable farmer and member of the Bath (Michigan) Consolidated School board. He was tangentially upset with an increase in local taxes to pay for a new school building, and he spent a year wiring the new building with explosives (-he worked there as a maintenance man, and had unfettered access). He blew the building up on May 18th, 1927 and killed 42 people, including 38 schoolchildren. Kehoe was nominally a supporter of Grange-Hall thriftiness (he ran for township treasurer, but his party affiliation is unknown) during the robust Coolidge era. But, again, his protest of taxes could put Kehow on the “right” side of the ledger.

Other than Kehoe, one has to go further and further afield to find anyone that might be considered a right-winger who has committed such atrocities against the public for political reasons. Even Timothy McVeigh of Oklahoma City fame has to be considered more of a malcontent under the possible sway of anti-American Islamic extremists than an anti-government type (to this day, the unknown “Terrorist #3” involved in the Murrah building explosion, a dark-skinned man of middle-eastern decent remains at large). But, for fairness sake, I’ll put McVeigh in the “right-winger” column, although he doesn’t really belong there.

Further investigation reveals, however, that nearly ALL political assassins are not only left-wingers, but are driven by vaporous readings of left-wing ideology. Let’s take them seriatim, shall we?

LEE HARVEY OSWALD. Oswald was a virulent Marxist, and began “indoctrinating” himself (-his words) as young as 17 years old. He despised (among a huge variety of other things) the American system of wealth creation. When Michael Paine, the owner of the house where his Oswald’s wife was living at the time of the Kennedy assassination heard that Lee had been arrested for the murder, he said “Well, he (Oswald) had thrown a definite monkey-wrench into the American capitalist cabal”. Oswald’s first go-round at political murder was his attempt on the life of General Edwin Walker, a notably right-wing political figure in Dallas. Oswald shot at Walker from a church parking lot early in the evening in April of 1963, but the shot was deflected by a wooden stile in the window of the room where Walker sat at his desk. As a further “left-right”  irony, Walker was working on his income tax forms when Oswald shot at him.

CHARLES J. GUITEAU. While nominally a “republican” (a “Stalwarts Stalwart”), the murderer of President James Garfield actually was more of an early-day slip-and-fall attorney, and anti-social malcontent who thought the government owed him a living– This is a leftist mindset, not a right-wing philosophy. Most strikingly, he started his adult life as an adherent of the growing liberal/communal Utopian movement, eventually moving to the “Oneida Community”, in New York, where he lived for over five years. These embryonic “communes” like Oneida were the precursors of larger such movements in the 1950’s and 1960’s, and held parallel contemporaneous tracks with European counterparts, of which Karl Marx himself was a member. And, of course, the leftist Guiteau (pronounced Gee-Tow) eventually came to despise the Republican Party as the party of the entrenched elites.

LEON CZOLGOSZ. The murderer of republican President William McKinley was an avowed anarchist and hater of American wealth. He was a ardent unionist who regarded all wealthy people with seething hatred, viewing them in the classic leftist terms as having exploited poor people to achieve their wealth. Czolgosz (pronounced “Zol-gus”) stalked McKinley for some time, on the grounds that the president was in the hip-pocket of the “monied trusts”, and that assassinating McKinley was the only way for poor people to achieve social justice.

SIRHAN B. SIRHAN. One could make the argument the the murder of Robert F. Kennedy was the opening salvo in the war against Middle-eastern extremism. Sirhan began surveilling RFK after the Senators’ support of Israel during the 1967 Six Day War. Shorty after Robert Kennedy voted to sell Israel 52 advanced fighter jets (something, by the way, no Modern Democrat would do), Sirhan admitted that killing RFK had become an obsession. Sirhan Sirhan was also a virulent Anti-Zionist, which puts him firmly in the left-wing camp.

JOHN WILKES BOOTH. Perhaps the most noted of our left-wing murderers, was a solid Democrat before the outbreak of Civil War, but became a doctrinaire anti-Northern, anti-Abolitionist hater as the war dragged on, and as an avowed eltist who despised Lincoln as “an ape”, mulled kidnapping the President for two years before he murdered him. While it might be a bit unctious to put Booth in the “left-wing” camp in the modern context (he was, after all, the epitome of a states-rights man), he was a thorough-going Democrat in the Jacksonian tradition, and a early-day hedonistic entertainer. Think of him as the Sean Penn of the 1800’s, finding the Republican President to be a dumb, simple-minded mid-westerner with zero pedigree who traveled through foreign lands (as the South was during the Civil War) denouncing American policy in the North–which was, interestingly enough, universal freedom.

SARA JANE MOORE. This lady is a real leftist piece of work. She was (and remains) convinced that Republican forces were convening to make war on the American Left. To this day, she has no regrets about trying to murder Republican Gerald Ford, and says she only regrets not actually accomplishing her goal of assassinating the President.To say that Moore was goaded into the murder because of the overtly anti-Ford, anti-Nixon leftist press would be accurate.

LYNETTE “SQUEAKY” FROMME. Another leftist freak of nature, this lady was a proto-environmental wacko. She was arrested for attempting to murder Gerald Ford a couple of weeks before Moor tried her stunt. At her arraingment she said “I was so relieved not to have to shoot it (the gun–Fromme was tackeled before she shot at Ford) , but, in truth, I came to get life. Not just my life but clean air, healthy water and respect for creatures and creation.” This is clear, leftist clap-trap.

I could go on and on. I’ve only scratched the surface about how deadly the leftist mindset is, and how it is the political equivalent of matches to toluene. In fact, I will go on, in subsequent posts.