Hey, Dem Congressmen: Cry Me a River!

Oh, so, now we’re supposed to be so genteel and civil now that our bodies have been nationalized. Oh, no! Someone put a COFFIN on a congressman’s lawn! A Gas Line has been severed! Someone hurled an epithet! Never minding that the leftist hose-bags were making movies about SHOOTING George W. Bush, and burning him in effigy across from the White House in LaFayette Park. And also, that these same creeps only a couple of weeks ago were threatening to kill Jim Bunning for his outrageous behavior of demanding that Congress at least make an APPEARANCE of living within its means–

No, we’re supposed to get our panties in a bunch because someone is saying mean things about Democrat Congressmen! Well, cry me a river!

Make no mistake, folks: This is the beginning of these bums taking a stab at “Hate Speech” legislation, which, of course, means criminalizing contemporary conservatism. This won’t go far, though. The population has arisen. You can’t just strip people of their constitutional rights, sieze their private property, demand they conform to a government fiat that’s been legislated by shadowy means, and expect them to just go to the Mall on Friday night like normal.

Remember: At some point, the people WILL get fed up, and bad things will happen. Obama’s Tea might just end up in the harbor.