REPEAL: 10 Simple Reasons

I hear the GOP is starting to get a bit squishy on Repealing the stinking pile of statist tyranny known as Obamacare. If they do not stand foursquare for Repeal, they will go the way of the Whigs and Freesoilers. If they need to gird their loins, they should keep this list in their breast pocket:

1) Obamacare was passed despite objection from a clear majority of the American People.

2) Obamacare was passed only with the help of 6 unelected, appointed Senators.

3) Obamacare is clearly Unconstitutional. If the Constitution does not protect against this sort of thing, then it is a useless document. Not only does it violate the very underpinnings and foundational construct of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, it blindingly violates the First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth and Tenth Amendments.

4) Obamacare was passed using the Senate Nuclear Option. This process has effectively destroyed the reason to even HAVE a senate as a buffer against the House

5) Obamacare passed and nullified the election of Scott Brown. Brown is a legally elected Senator whose election was broomed by arcane Senate and House rules

6) Obamacare was passed even though there were no public committee hearings after presentation of the final legislation. In fact, we passed into law the most sweeping assault on personal liberty without a single human being actually reading the final legislation

7) Obamacare exempts the governing elites. The Congress continues to enjoy IT’S “Cadillac Plan” without so much as a single penny in fines or penalties. So much for the law applying to the lawmakers.

8) Obamacare violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution. The side deals, the bribery, the special deals for Union and Government workers are an abomination before the law.

9) Obamacare is far too complex for any single citizen to understand. Hamilton argued in the Federalist Papers that one of the reasons to adopt the Constitution was its brevity, and that any reasonably educated Citizen could access its strictures. Obamacare is the exact opposite of this.

10) Obamacare violates the Moral Codes of broad swaths of American religious groups. From the Catholic Church (that finds abortions a mortal sin) to the Amish (that finds all Insurance to be a form of gambling) to the Christian Scientists (who dismiss the material existence of ill health), Obamacare is a direct assault on the freedom of conscience and worship.