In Michigan, "Throwing Out the Bums" means all 10,198 of 'em

There can be no doubt:

The Modern Democrat Party is out of control. From Alcee Hastings to Tom Perriello, from Kwamee Kilpatrick to Eric Massa, from Rob Blagojevich to Al Franken, from Mary Landrieux to Bart Stupak, the Modern Democrat party is now branded indelibly with the stain of thuggery, despotism, bribery, intimidation, authoritarianism, and utter contempt and hatred of the American institutions of individual liberty and freedom. It is now clear that these Democrats despise normal Americans (those to whom the ascribe the vicious smears and vile epithets such as “teabagger” , or “klansman”, or “Caribou Barbies”), they no longer have any communion with the incalculably vast army of regular folks. Their fan-dance is over. Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and the modern Democrat Party threw down the gauntlet on Sunday.

I say, let’s pick it up– And smack ’em with it.

The Democrats are now the official party of Government, and of authoritarian, top-down, iron-fisted despotic control. They are for the brutal slaughterer and butchers of unborn children, with their innocent blood poured on the top of the public treasury. They are the party of endless waiting lines, enforced scarcity, coercive dislocation, and utter and complete contempt of public opinion or desire.

The Democrat Party is now representative only as far as that word applies to bribed cronies, intimidated government bureaucrats, unresponsive union thugs, and grafted private-sector donors.

Every one of these miscreants and malcontents known as “Democrats” must be utterly destroyed politically, and removed from the public square. And I mean, wall to wall, floor to ceiling, root, branch and leaf. These people must be broomed completely, or we will loose our last vestiges of freedom. Unless we get utterly focused on the complete and total defeat of Democrats, there will be no America.

It is a steep, steep slog. It will be the work of a lifetime. We must educate, engage, and, taking a page from our mortal enemies handbook, we must employ every political guerrilla tactic at our disposal. While I desperately want to replace these Democrat filth with thoroughgoing conservatives, I don’t care if we replace them with the Party of Mary Kay Cosmetics, or the Candlepin Bowling League. I want them gone.

Here in Michigan, we are the skeltonized remains of a once-great state, our carcass picked clean by the buzzards, roaches and flies in the Democrat Party dating back as far as G. Mennen Williams, and the vile, odious Coleman Young. Worse yet, are the (roughly, by my count) 10,198 elected democrats that poison the body politic right now, as we speak, and which have metastasized like a deadly cancer.

In Michigan, we have more governmental administrative districts than all but seven other states. With Cities, Villages, Counties, Townships, School District, Intermediate School Districts, Bonding Authorities, the Legislature, and various other Intergovernmental Authorities, there are almost 19,000 elected officials in this state. Squirreled away in the deepest recesses of this vast, unyielding sea of governmental authority are almost 11,000 elected Democrats. They must EACH pay the price of this contemptible final act of their decades-long tcoup de etat against America.

Make no mistake: There can be no quarter. They are All, to a Person, now painted with this sick and grotesque brush of despotism. They must pay, and pay dearly, at the ballot box.

We start today on our decades-long quest.