Latest Obama ad Rebuttal

I just heard all over local talk radio that the latest Obama ad was an affront to McCain by stating he could not use a keyboard because of his war injuries.McCain does not have a handicap. He drives and writes and does everything we all do, just a bit slower because of age. His injuries only prevent him from raising his arms straight up. Well after he got back from captivity in Vietnam he qualified as a jet pilot again with the exception that he did not need to raise his arms above his head to grab the eject handles on the seat face curtain on the top of the eject seat because there are eject handles on the sides of the seat. Otherwise he had NO HANDICAP that kept him from combat jet flight duty. Last month he acknowledged that he was not internet savvy but was coming up to speed and he was able to get on line and browse, but was not ready to set up a web site. He mentioned he was using his computer more. So what’s up with that? I heard him make that statement on television and his flight record is there for all to see. For crying out loud, it was in his TV bio! I used to like McCain. Now it seems this is his last chance to become the “admiral” that he missed in the Navy. So is he selling his soul? Is this win at any cost, even honor?