Smoking Gun in Georgia: NOT Debunked

If anyone still hasn’t heard, CCTV footage was released from the Georgia polling station that closed on Election Night at around 10:30, showing a good number of people working as the votes are counted, then leaving more or less together. We’re told by the volunteer lawyer who narrates the video that they were instructed to leave by the woman in blonde braids. The video was played by Trump’s team at the Georgia Senate hearings on Thursday.

One reason they hadn’t finished counting yet, Fulton County says, is there was a “burst pipe” that morning which caused them to start counting mail-in ballots 4 hours late. To date, not one iota of evidence for this “burst pipe” has surfaced.

(A lot of people think this was given as the reason for the evening closure, in my view because of censorship and inaccurate reporting.)

After everyone left, six people remained: four counters, a man in a red shirt and a man in a black baseball cap and jacket. In the footage (at 9:05, 9:27 and 9:45), three of them roll heavy, suitcase-sized boxes out from under a table in the center of the upper-right CCTV screen; a fourth box appears to be rolled from beside the table; they then drag each of these boxes to their respective stations and start scanning them.

The first three boxes were taken to stations in the center and on the left, the last was pulled by the man in the red shirt to the station on the right. The counting then lasted for two hours, and the narrator claims that three stations in that time would have counted 18,000 ballots, which makes 24,000 for four.

I can’t remember why she gave a number for three stations and not four but she may have meant the three boxes that were taken from under the table, and had been concealed.

Biden’s “win” margin by comparison was about 12,000, so she is correct that this easily could have changed the result in Georgia.

Breitbart originally referred to the bins as suitcases (I’m not sure how no one in their news room noticed they don’t really appear to be suitcases) being pulled out from under a table and counted in secret after everyone was forced to go home. Suitcases aside, this appears to be accurate.

They’ve since backtracked, undoubtedly threatened with lawsuits or other repercussions, and printed an excerpt from this explanation by “Lead Stories” with their tail between their legs:

The officials said the ballots seen in the video were in regular ballot containers — not “suitcases,” as Pick described them — and they had been removed from their envelopes and processed while news media and election observers for the Republican Party and Trump campaign were present.

Lead Stories writes that general poll workers were not dismissed, despite the witnesses’ claims: Election workers known as “cutters” because their job was to open absentee ballot envelopes and verify ballots for eventual scanning and counting were dismissed for the night sometime after 10 p.m. on November 3, 2020, because their work for the evening had been completed, he explained. Those workers who remained were responsible for conducting the scanning portion of the process, since ballots could not be left without being scanned overnight.

This is legalese for “the opened ballots still had to be scanned, but they had all been opened, so the openers were done and the scanners weren’t.” The openers went home and the counters stayed, and most importantly no one else was told to go home. Republican poll watchers and the media just saw the cutters leaving and figured it was time to go, all by themselves, because they were confused. They could have could have come back anytime, or never left in the first place, we’re told.

Well that’s funny. Here’s Janell Ross of NBC, posting at 10:59 PM on November 3rd:

Fulton County, Georgia, results will be stalled: ATLANTA — The Fulton County Registration and Elections Department now says it will continue counting ballots tonight, after officials initially said it would stop counting mail-in ballots at 10:30 p.m., and resume the count Wednesday morning.

Here’s Yahoo, spreading the NBC News article: “officials said they would stop counting mail-in ballots at 10:30 p.m., with the plan of resuming in the morning, NBC News reports.”

Here are a couple more links to show that it’s been widely reported: 1 2 3

And here’s the Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party:

At the time (in reply to that tweet), he said “no one disputed that Fulton County Election officials falsely announced that the counting of ballots would stop at 10:30 PM… and unlawfully resumed the counting of ballots after our observers left the center.” Well they seem to dispute it now, don’t they.

It’s been my understanding that multiple Republican witnesses like the ones mentioned by Shafer (and by the video narrator during the GA Senate Hearing) have testified under penalty of perjury that they were, in fact, kicked out of the building and told the counting would stop for the night, precisely as Shafer tweeted above, and that these witnesses named the people who told them to leave and told them that the counting would stop.

“Lead Stories” appears to be right that the bins were not suitcases but this doesn’t vindicate anyone. It’s a red herring, a distraction, and if I was a betting man I’d say millions of dollars went into their explanation: which has been pasted up on every related article I can find, no doubt after aggressive litigation threats. Nonetheless there are holes in it.

For one they quote a poll manager saying “that what can be seen on the video is normal procedure and nothing looks ‘bizarre or odd.’ ” Really? How about the fact that they’re scanning votes for the presidential election in an empty auditorium late at night, all by themselves? Isn’t that “odd,” at least?

It’s an odd occurrence and it appears to be a serious crime. Of the competing explanations, one (the poll watchers’) makes sense and is supported by sworn statements and the media reports from Election Night; the other does not make sense, is not supported by sworn statements or the Nov. 3 media reports and was made by affiliates of the accused.

The “Lead Stories” report quotes the “chief investigator”, who officially works for Georgia’s Secretary of State, saying

There wasn’t a bin that had ballots in it under that table. It was an empty bin and the ballots from it were actually out on the table when the media were still there, and then it was placed back into the box when the media were still there and placed next to the table.

Well first of all, there wasn’t one box, there were four: three boxes were pulled out from under the table at 9:05, 9:27 and 9:45 and taken to three of the scanners’ desks; the fourth looks like it was next to the table at 9:16, before being taken to the fourth desk.

All of those boxes were full of ballots, which you could tell by the way they drag them to their stations and then by watching them pull out stacks of ballots. The first woman takes the lid off her box to check it at 9:05, and before she puts it back on you can see the top of a stack of ballots, level with the top of the bin, which she’d removed the lid to look at.

Here’s the clip again:

The Georgia “investigator” in the Lead Stories “debunk” is being unclear, almost certainly by intention, about everything he says: there wasn’t a bin with ballots under the table, it was empty but actually, since the ballots that were inside of it while it was empty had been put there before, under observation before the bin was placed under the table that I just said there was no bin of ballots placed under, see those ballots were on the table before they went in and the box was empty before it was full and actually, it wasn’t under the table it was next to it but anyway let’s pretend there was only one box.

Essentially what he’s saying, if you forgive the various details he appears to be misleading us about, is the ballots had been counted properly, and they weren’t hidden in boxes under the table, even though they were out of view underneath it. Got it.

I take it from the way they labor this point and insist no ballots were hidden, that it was illegal for those boxes of ballots to be under that table, as three of them clearly were, or hidden.

Another thing you can see, especially when the fourth box is pulled out by the man in the red shirt, is that the bins under the table appear to be further concealed on both sides by a table cloth that hangs well over the sides of the tables, down over the sides of the bins.

So leading up to this, the media and observers got up and went home at the same time because the cutters were going home, and the crew of four scanners and two unidentified men, who had nothing to do with that, didn’t lift a finger to stop them.

The media left. The poll watchers left. And once the last of the stragglers was gone, the six workers still there started hauling boxes of ballots out from under a table. They waited for every last person to leave, and then counted votes by themselves for two hours. Totally normal.

So bear with me while I repeat myself: The only evidence we have for this amazing story is the people who rigged the election saying that’s what happened, without going under oath or even putting their own names to it, and their explanations are anything but credible. Contrarily, the poll watchers have signed affidavits saying they were told to leave which are corroborated by news reports, and the journalists who left the poll station with them know to keep their mouths shut; and no one asks why they left with the observers, which is to say their organizations don’t ask this of themselves. None of them recorded anything with their phones, like you’d expect from a journalist. None of them that I’ve seen have given their own account to address either side. Obviously that’s because they’re involved.

Susan Voyles, a poll manager in Fulton with 20 years experience, said in a sworn affidavit as part of Lin Wood’s lawsuit that she and the poll workers was given a cardboard box full of absentee ballots containing what looked like a batch of fraudulent ballots.

“It was taped shut with packing tape with the seal of the Secretary of State. But the seal was blank, signed by no one, and no information had been supplied. There were no markings indicating the provenance of the box. The box was marked as Box No. 5—Absentee—Batch Numbers 28-36.”

These numbers referred to 100-count stacks of ballots, meaning there were 800 ballots in the box.

“Most of the ballots had already been handled; they had been written on by people, and the edges were worn. They showed obvious use. However, one batch stood out. It was pristine,” she continued. “There was a difference in the texture of the paper—it was if they were intended for absentee use but had not been used for that purposes. There was a difference in the feel.”

The ballots also showed no markings to indicate where they came from or were processed. “These stood out,” she said.

With 20 years of handling ballots behind her, Voyles “observed that the markings for the candidates in these ballots were unusually uniform, perhaps even with a ballot-marking device.”

According to her estimate, 98 percent were for Joe Biden. “I only observed two of these ballots as votes for President Donald J. Trump.”

But don’t worry, the guy who says “nothing looked bizarre” also says “there was nothing in abnormal in the distribution of votes.”

Well, the next day this happened: “GA Poll Watcher, IT Professional, Non-Trump Supporter Affidavit: Sudden Surge of 20,000 Mail-In-Votes For Biden In Early Hours On Nov 5, While Approx. 1,000 Votes For Trump Disappeared.”

And I must note, that the same thing appears to have happened in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and North Carolina, which Google is making it very hard to search for.

That is, that Trump saw decisive leads vanish in these states and these states only, and only after poll stations where shut down and resumed counting without observation; and that it was during this period, without observers present, that Biden suddenly started winning big!

Did the poll watchers in those other four states (and only in those states) also walk out absent-mindedly behind the cutters? Give me a break.

Yesterday Tom Fitton retweeted Judicial Watch’s October report that Fulton had a 109% registration rate (number of names on voting rolls to the number of eligible voters). But ok, the experts say it’s nothing and they know better.

At what point do we remember that these are not neutral experts, but accomplices of the accused party of a serious crime against our country?



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