The Media's Role in This Year's Election Fraud, and the Need for Accountability

The Media's Role in This Year's Election Fraud, and the Need for Accountability
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The liberals have been telling us there’s no election fraud of any kind for at least four years, since Candidate Trump said there were millions of illegal votes being cast for Hillary. Obama that year said it was impossible to rig a US election. This argument if you can call it that was punctuated for 3 years with shrieks that Russia rigged our election.

I can’t even read the Clintons’ names without my eyes rolling into the back of my head; overwhelming evidence of their wrongdoing over the years has gone public (and is readily searchable on Breitbart) and yet, not one charge has been prosecuted. Hillary’s campaign emails were leaked in 2016–exposing, along with the Judicial Watch FOIA emails, a number of seven-figure contributions to the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments that had every appearance of influence peddling–and we were told against all common sense that we must ignore them, as they were part of a RUSSIAN PLOT to interfere in our election by exposing corruption.

It’s since come out that the entire Russia plot was a lie, and one that John Brennan said, in a briefing to President Obama, was concocted by Hillary’s campaign “as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server.” The use of a private server in itself is important because Hillary Clinton was holding stolen SAP-level (above Top Secret) classified information on that server, and may have been using the server to sell it.

Yes, she stole those materials: classified government files on a private server have left the government’s possession, whether or not that server is subsequently breached. Even the Clinton-friendly NYT reported that her server was probably hacked–but what evidence do we have that the supposed hackers did so without permission? It’s a charitable assumption isn’t it? What were SAP files doing there in the first place? Foreign governments were dumping money into the Clinton Foundation and CGI right up to Hillary’s loss; after which the CGI was closed almost immediately and the CF started losing money.

In retrospect you can see the Times setting up the Russia hoax in that article. They portrayed Hillary as being careless with intel, which happened to be Comey’s (nonsensical) rationale for not indicting her, without mentioning that she had to steal that intel in the first place to even have it on a private server. It was property of the US government. So why did she steal it?

After being caught, Clinton’s aides smashed her phones with hammers, “lost” her laptops “in the mail” and scrubbed her server with Bleachbit to obstruct investigation into whatever it was she did. They also attempted to retroactively declassify the materials in order to obscure their theft.

These are not only crimes, but they suggest that a larger crime took place sufficient to justify such measures, which likewise has yet to be prosecuted.

They also suggest that powerful figures on the Left have allies in the media who will lie for them, and do. If Brennan’s account (of Russiagate being a tool to distract from Clinton’s server) is to be believed, then the MSM did the job for her. For three whole years we were told that Russia put the fix in.

Now that the shoe’s on the other foot, the media is again incredulous at any suggestion of election tampering. A phantom candidate who can’t draw 50 people to a rally has set the record for popular votes after hiding in his basement for most of the election (including October) and achieved this despite receiving relatively few votes in person; and now “evidence is coming in through a fire hose” that his votes were forged in a number of ways.

President Trump summarized them briefly after dismissing his CISA Director:

This won’t surprise anyone who watched as the narrative was established, months ago, that because of their fear of the covid virus, most Democrats would fill out their ballots in the privacy of their homes and vote by mail, making the in-person vote meaningless and true observation of most of the vote impossible. Trump would appear to win on election night, since Democrats were using the mail, and then according to the polls he would lose, no matter his lead. For the first time in history, the vote casting process for one party (the Dems) would largely escape observation.

But there are laws mandating that the counting of these mail-in ballots must allow poll watchers from both sides. Why then were swing state ballots being counted behind boarded windows in the middle of the night, with Republicans outside chanting “let us in”, and how did Biden manage to receive 130,000 votes in a row under such conditions? This is statistically impossible; furthermore the ballots weren’t allowed to be observed. Afterward we were told Biden “won” the state by tens of thousands of votes.

WATCH: Voter Fraud and Election Meddling Evidence Floods Social Media

OF COURSE this merits further investigation and will almost certainly be overturned–put Michigan and Pennsylvania in the bag for Trump, they weren’t even close. But many Americans think they were, because they believe what they see on television. They trust the legacy media.

The media have abused this trust shamelessly and they must be investigated and held accountable in court for their role in promoting this fraud. Is there a massive body of evidence to support election fraud? Don’t even suggest that, says Jake Tapper, or you’ll lose your job. Don’t act up or we’ll impoverish you and your family will starve.

This is open intimidation of the general public by a major news source. Was Tapper instructed to say this? Of course he was. By whom? In what other ways did they act to prevent a fair election?

Some portion of the MSM have caved and they now admit there was voter fraud but contend it wasn’t enough to sway the election, and insist this proclamation of theirs be accepted without further thought. I was surprised to find Tucker Carlson in this camp, employee though he be. This will follow him everywhere, he’s destroyed his own brand; it won’t matter what network he moves to when Fox News loses their market.

“The fraud that we can confirm does not seem to be enough to alter the election result,” Tucker says. “We should be honest and tell you that… But changing the election results is not the whole point.”

The Chairman of the Federal Election Commission disagrees. “I do believe that there is voter fraud taking place in these places. Otherwise [swing state precincts] would allow the observers to go in…. if the law is not followed it makes this an illegitimate election.”

And as Rudy Giuliani said on November 5th, “a legal vote is a vote, whether it’s an absentee vote or a mail-in vote, that both sides get to observe … The law requires that we have the opportunity to oberve; we were denied the opportunity to observe, for 21 hours, throughout the state of Pennsylvania.”

Without getting into Dominion software or any of the statistical analyses that show systematic vote tampering, widespread count inaccuracies and a clear intent to cheat, Giuliani estimates the number of unobserved votes in PA alone at over 650,000.

Deliberate and forceful exclusion of poll watchers on such a scale should be enough to make the media pump the brakes on their narrative; but they aren’t. They continue to call Biden “President Elect,” hypnotically, as half of the country watches in a trance, without a clue that most of his votes are coming back. How will the MSM explain it to them when that happens? They will most likely incite the public to riot (again).

This is an organized effort to seize power by corrupting the vote, and restoring the rightful winner won’t be enough to restore trust in the government. Justice must be delivered, every aspect of this election that was falsified must be investigated, and every participant prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Every coup that’s been attempted during Trump’s presidency must be prosecuted vigorously.

Then we can revisit the Clintons.



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