Was Kamala Harris Given the Questions Ahead of the Debate?


Well we know the answer to that one, because they told us. The moderator announced at the start of the debate that “No one in either campaign, or at the commission, or anywhere else has been told what topics I’ll raise or what questions I’ll ask.”

And if the Dims were going to do something underhanded like that, they’d tell us–like they did last time. Everyone remembers that right? Last election, CNN employee and DNC Chair Donna Brazile gave Hillary’s campaign the debate questions. She didn’t just give her the topics, as the MSM falsely claims at the top of Google’s related search results. Donna Brazile emailed Hillary the questions and she was caught red-handed.

But that didn’t matter, we were told, since it was Russia that leaked that email to Wikileaks. By exposing the Dems’ corruption, they were interfering with our “democracy”! Nevermind that this was clearly a political maneuver by the Dems to avoid responsibility or that it never “added up” in the first place, and nevermind that no evidence has ever been made public showing Russia to be the source.

Julian Assange has said directly that Russia did not give him the emails nor did any state actor. Wikileaks “operative” Craig Murray says he flew into DC to receive the DNC leaks in person, where the files were given to him by an intermediary of a “disgusted” DNC staffer in a wooded area near American University. “The documents came from inside leaks, not hacks,” Murray said. I suppose it’s possible that they’re both lying or that the intermediary was a secret Russian agent who fooled them, but we’ve been given no evidence of this nor has it even been discussed. Brazile’s email was part of Wikileaks’ Podesta Emails 4 months later in October 2016. We know from them that John Podesta both left his phone in a taxi and fell for a phishing attack, but again there’s been no credible evidence of Russian involvement.

It came out last week that after the DNC leaks, the CIA asked the FBI to investigate allegations that Hillary Clinton had approved, in John Brennan’s words, “a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisors to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by Russian security services.” She’s alleged to have approved this plan on July 26th, 2016, “as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private mail server.”

Whether or not their emails were hacked by mysterious Russian boogeymen, the Democrat Party has a corruption problem that has included giving their favored candidate the debate questions early. Did they do that last night?

I can only assume that the moderator was referencing the Donna Brazile scandal with her introduction. If no one was told what topics the moderator would raise, how did Kamala know the third topic would be on the economy? Pence described Trump’s tax cuts, deregulation and economic doctrine, the moderator cut him off saying that would be a “good segue” into the third topic, and Kamala said it would be a “great segue” before the moderator could say what that topic would be.

Kamala was either speaking without thinking, or she knew the third topic–and neither scenario flatters the Democrats. They’re running another empty vessel, a weak and unlikable candidate (joining Hillary, Tim Caine and Joe Biden) to hammer through the electoral process whether their base wants her or not, and they’re cheating every step they can.

The next debate was to be moderated by Joe Biden’s former intern. However it looks like it was cancelled after they to make it a virtual debate, which President Trump refused. ABC News has scheduled a “town hall” with Biden on the night the debate was supposed to take place.



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