Coup Offensives to Expect Before Nov. 3

(AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

I split this post into 2 parts on request. This is Part 2.

If you haven’t read Part 1–the short version is we’re watching a Communist Revolution in our own country, led by a number of groups who either benefit from cultural Marxism, which attacks the family, traditions and the classic natural conditions (critical race theory, no race theory, gender is what you make it theory, etc), or have been captured by it.

Rich Higgins the source for this is former National Security Council and the White House is trying to rehire him as they did Cohen-Watnick, both Flynn hires and McMaster fires.

Higgins predicts the revolution will escalate starting this month, specifically with a siege of the White House and a fabricated election crisis. This radical left Canadian group plan to “siege” the White House and DC streets for 50 days (9/17-11/3, matching Higgins’ timeline perfectly) with hundreds of thousands of people in coordination with a “scorched earth” legal attack, and the Left has been printing and airing statements that Trump will need to be removed by force, suggesting it be done through military coup.



The MSM are already setting the narrative: if Trump wins on election night, even in a landslide, he could still lose when the absentee ballots come in. They are referring to this *hypothetical* scenario as a “red mirage,” and Hillary Clinton is telling Biden not to concede “under any circumstances.”


A “bipartisan” group of swamp operatives started meeting in June to “game out” contested election scenarios, with John Pedosta playing Joe Biden in one of them. The Boston Globe has reported on these exercises while predicting Trump will contest the results “in an attempt to hold onto power”; of course, they are implying the results will be legitimate, and there won’t be millions of fraudulent absentee ballots.


Can we rely on the mail-in system to process 80 million mail-in votes (as the New York Times has predicted) and count them on time, prevent abuses and minimize discarded ballots? Is anything, at all, being done to prepare for this? You won’t read these questions in the Globe or any other liberal outlet. 28 million mail-in ballots went missing in the last four elections, or nearly 20% of the mail-in votes, and they remain unaccounted for; and that came with considerably fewer votes to manage. Imagine a presidential election with 20% of the vote gone missing. It’s my belief that they know this will happen and are counting on it: it’s the election crisis they’ve been working for.


The sentiment of that Globe article and the media narrative around it is that Trump is trying to prevent a fair election, and this is being floated as a justification for taking the presidency by force.


Biden and Pelosi both have said the military will physically remove President Trump if he doesn’t step down willingly; Crazy Bernie shares their perspective, saying we “must be prepared for when Trump refuses to leave office” because Trump will claim “massive fraud within the mail-in ballot process” because “he will lose”; Chuck Schumer then tweets his support for Bernie. But how does Bernie know this?


Sanders “declined to answer whether he would call on his supporters to hit the streets if Trump refused to leave office,” as Politico wrote provocatively after prompting him. Does it concern him, they further asked, that General Milley told Congress the military won’t “resolve disputes if the election is contested”?


“It does.”


I get the sense that someone is feeding Bernie the answers, and it’s obvious that Politico is being fed the questions, since every outlet is using the same words to say the same thing and its only basis is that they are in fact trying to rig the election so of course Trump won’t go along with it.


Pelosi also said she was second-in-line, which could only be true under a delayed election where the winner isn’t called before noon on January 20 and the Dems hold the House (meaning Pelosi remains the Speaker). Long delays are a virtual certainty if 80 million mail-in ballots have to be processed, and from there the outcome would probably be tied up in litigation. Can you say President Pelosi?


Naturally, the Times are predicting a record turnout will coincide with the expanded mail-in vote, and it goes without saying that these will all be real, living people who are eligible to vote and do so on their own.


Biden preemptively hired 600 lawyers in June and “gathered” 10,000 “volunteers” under the pretext that he will fight “voter suppression”–by which he refers to any effort by Trump to prevent this massive, untested and unprecedented expansion of the absentee system.


This cannot be allowed, or forgiven, and we must remember what’s at stake: the future of Western civilization, which was built on law and order.



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