ex-NSC Staffer: The Color Revolution is Here

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Rich Higgins was a staffer at the National Security Council for the first six months of Trump’s presidency. He was ousted by H.R. McMaster, a globalist, pro-Islamist Never Trumper who promoted the Russia hoax while serving at the White House. Higgins was a Flynn hire and Trump’s people want him back in the Pentagon, but the Swamp does not.


Like many others, McMaster cashed in on his White House tour by publishing a negative book about President Trump during the run-up to this election. An entire industry has sprung up out of the weeds to print defamatory books about President Trump, authored by former associates, family members, and their ghost writers who I assume are all well-compensated and published by outlets that want Trump to lose.


Higgins has done just the opposite, penning a short article for the WSJ on what motivated him to write the 2017 memorandum that got him fired. “In contrast to Col. Vindman,” Higgins wrote, “I lost my job because I was loyal to the president.”


Vindman’s firing from the NSC was standard procedure, Higgins argued, citing his own as an example and describing his shock that “resistance seemed to be the NSC’s mission,” where Obama holdovers “assigned to develop plans for ending U.S. involvement in Afghanistan” would turn their assignments into “reasons it couldn’t be done” and McMaster would relay them to President Trump with explanations “why he couldn’t keep his campaign promises.”


“It was clear that the Trump presidency wouldn’t succeed unless the resistance was defeated.”


“Outnumbered and mostly ignored,” Higgins and the few other Trump loyalists drew a list of potential replacements for these Obama holdovers “who would carry out the new president’s agenda.” McMaster found out about it, called a meeting and said “There are no ‘holdovers.’ We are all on the same team”–leading Higgins to write his memo and McMaster to then fire the Flynn holdovers.


In the memo, Higgins said the Trump administration suffers from calculated information campaigns led by the news media and intended to end his presidency and destroy the country (as many have observed). To counter this, he writes, the White House needs to drive their own narrative instead of reacting to the media’s and constantly backpedaling. If the White House fails to do this, there is a real chance that President Trump will be overthrown and with him, America will fall.


He further warns, no doubt referring to McMaster and others like him, that “many close to the president have pushed him off his message when he was candidate Trump thus alienating him from his base … When President Trump is not candidate Trump, he becomes dangerously exposed.”


These are not “politics as usual,” Higgins wrote in the memo, they’re the political warfare attacks of a Maoist Insurgency “directly targeting a seated president through manipulation of the news cycle.” He broadly defines a Maoist Insurgency as a group who form their own counter-state and infrastructure within another state, from which they try to seize power: synchronizing “violent and non-violent actions that focus on mobilization of individual and groups to action.”


This warfare and its agenda reflect the “cultural Marxist memes that dominate the cultural narrative … coming from programs and activities that arise out of Gramsci Marxism, Fabian socialism and most directly from the Frankfurt School,” which was founded in the Weimar Republic of Post-WWI Germany, at the start of the Red Century.


During the Red Century this narrative has become a religion for the Left, who replaced God with equality and equality with diversity and tolerance–for me but not for thee. This is “designed to induce nihilistic contradictions that reduce all thought, all faith, all loyalties to meaninglessness”: for example, their mantra that gender and race are not biological; that American culture is racist; that abortion, nonsensically, is a woman’s right to her own body; that you’re an ignorant bigot if you believe in the Bible. Higgins rightly describes these contradictions as attacks against “all levels of group and personal identity.”


Opposition to the MAGA movement is centered around these Marxist contrivances, Higgins writes, and Trump has summarized them well: “Anyone who challenges [the establishment’s] control is deemed a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe, and morally deformed.” Indeed, week after week for four years we’ve been told Trump is immoral, because he was politically incorrect about something or another.


Higgins goes on:

Political correctness is a weapon against reason and critical thinking. This weapon functions as the enforcement mechanism of diversity narratives that seek to implement cultural Marxism. Candidate Trump’s rhetoric in the campaign not only cut through the Marxist narrative, he did so in ways that were viscerally comprehensible to his voting block…

Through the campaign, candidate Trump tapped into a deep vein of concern among many citizens that America is at risk and is slipping away… Attacks on President Trump are not just about destroying him but also about destroying the vision of America that led to his election.”

The Opposition behind this attack is an cross-section of groups who benefit from or have been captured by cultural Marxism. Among them Higgins names the MSM and universities, the “deep state” bureaucracy, active Democratic and passive Republican leaderships, and globalists who consist of bankers and corporatists. “Certain business cartels” also ally themselves with this Marxist syndicate; for example, Big Tech companies having a change of heart with BLM: not just by donating, but by aggressively spreading their message both in public statements and on their platforms.


Higgins makes a case for Islamists being key contributors and beneficiaries to the Marxist offensive, asserting that

they properly assessed that the far left has a strong chance of reducing Western civilization to its benefit … Islamists deploy [post-modern] narratives to strategically blind and then control US decision makers. This is by design and purposeful. ‘By their own hands!’ has been the declared strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood since 1991…

Globalists and Islamists recognize that for their visions to succeed, America, both as an ideal and as a national and political entity, must be destroyed. Atomization of society must also occur at the individual level; with attacks directed against all levels of group and personal identity. Hence the sexism, racism, and xenophobia memes.

The events that followed Higgins’ dismissal (Mueller’s “investigation” dragging on for two years despite having no predication and being riddled with illegality; the Vindman-based impeachment; the falsified and Orweillien covid statistics; the Floyd riots; the mailbox conspiracy) suggest that he was right.


Moving to the immediate future, Higgins tweets that the “current domestic political situation has decomposed into a national security issue” which involves plans to siege the White House, and it starts this month:

The 2020 political cycle is being utilized to mask the extremely hostile revolutionary nature of these events. Even the violence is a distraction. Current intelligence indicates that a siege of the White House may initiate on or about September 17th and culminate in a November 3rd election crises that carries on past the election.

A quick search finds this Canadian group, whom the New York Times credit with starting and “branding” the Occupy Wall Street protests, plotting to “lay siege to the White House” for 50 days: from September 17, the anniversary of the Occupy movement, to November 3, Election Day. Their “tactical briefings” are posted here:

Lawyers are already in court, mounting pre-emptive strikes and preparing for the scorched-earth scenarios likely to come … Together we can organize pop-up sieges at federal buildings in dozens of cities … maybe even launch a national art project to decorate the streets with stunning visual memes… What can they do if hundreds of thousands of us turn up all over the nation’s capital, day after day.”

(I can only assume they mean an art project like this.)

We’ll inspire a global movement of systemic change – a Global Spring – a cultural heave towards a true world order.

In the thread, Higgins said we are in the midst of a “color revolution” like those of the Arab Spring during Obama’s presidency and in the Ukraine in 2004 and 2014.


“Color revolutions” are an obscured repackaging of the red communist revolutions that began during World War I; instead of overtly being communist takeovers, they use vague pretexts of fighting injustice as vehicles to topple governments where globalist elites have a strategic interest.


The most well-known communist or color revolution was the Red October of 1917, when the Russian Tsar and his young daughters were brutally murdered by international communists (not Russian). The red flag being the symbol of communism—chosen to represent bloodshed—was also raised in the Chinese Communist Revolution, starting like the Cold War in 1945. The Cold War was fueled almost entirely by the fear that this could happen to us.


And now it is; unlike the revolutions above, today’s directly targets America, likely through some combination of voter fraud, military force and litigation.


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