About Those Obamacare Costs . . .

The fiscal shell games that the President and his allies played to sell Obamacare to the nation came at a price we could never afford to pay. Now the truth is coming out.

Recently, the President’s own economic advisors admitted the plan will cost more than they suggested and now the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is following suit.

Yesterday, the director of the CBO said that Obamacare would cost $115 billion more than previously expected. This increase brings the total cost for the mandate to more than $1 trillion.

I opposed Obamacare from the first day that it was proposed, because as a health care provider and small business owner for over 25 years, I knew this approach would not solve our health care crisis. And, as a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars, I understood that Obamacare would cost much more than the Administration predicted during the debate.

That is why I will fight to repeal it and replace it with a more realistic bill that will lower the high costs of health care and create access for all Americans without preventing economic development.

Government takeover of our health care not only will come between you and your medical provider, it will limit choices and increase costs to every American. We simply can’t afford a trillion dollar entitlement program that will not substantially bend the cost curve.

Since Obamacare passed, with the help of Arkansas’s two U.S. Senators, we have learned that the one thing that the plan will do is increase taxes for each of us. We also learned that Obamacare will make health care more expensive for every American.

We must have real free-market healthcare reform that lower costs and continue to give individuals wide choices regarding treatment. One way to do this is to open up competition by allowing people to buy insurance across state lines. Another way to do this is to permit small businesses to pool their resources in order to get the best health care plans for their employees. Common sense policies such as these will bring real reform without costing us thousands of jobs and higher taxes and premiums.

Obamacare carries a price tag too big for our budget and destructive of our entire health care system. Let’s repeal and replace it with commonsense, free-market reform.

Cross posted at Boozman For Arkansas.com