17 Days and Counting, and What a Trillion Is To Me

Well folks,

Only 17 more days and all our troubles will be over. Obama will be sworn in as the Prez and….

Israel and the Arabs will kiss and make up

Nuclear Weapons will be dismantled by all those who possess them

Armies will be disbanded

There will be no more bigotry

There will be no more poor

There will be health care for all

Everyone will have a great paying job they truly enjoy

Global Warming, or climate change or what ever they call it will be reversed, and the entire Earth will enjoy the perfect climate

All the sick will be healed

Taxes will be sky high, but everyone will enjoy paying them

George Bush will be indicted for war crimes

Al Qaeda will become main stream and sponsor little league teams

There will be no more erectile dysfunction

In a few words, all our troubles are over once Obama and the Democrats take control…

(would be funny if this weren’t so serious)

Now for a trillion dollars…

Trillion is getting thrown around much like a billion did just a few years ago and like a million earlier in my life (I’m 48)

I took out a ruler and find that a dollar bill is about 6 inches long, so a trillion dollars stretched end to end is 500 billion feet long. If you divide that by 5280 (no. of feet in a mile) you get 94,696,969 miles or about the distance from the Earth to the Sun. Folks, that is a bunch of dollars. It takes light traveling at 186,000 miles per second 8 minutes to get here from the Sun. I keep reading that the Dems want a trillion dollar stimulus bill. Where in blazes is that money going to come from? I think we are doomed to see the US fall from its pinnacle of power to become something resembling a third worls bananna Republic. I hope I’m wrong.