Pointing Fingers, Yep, I'm Doing It!

I found a very good description of how an economy works and what has happened to ours in cartoon form posted on Tammy Bruce’s site. It was created by Irwin Schiff. Here is a link to it:

Irwin Schiff’s Economic Cartoon

I have pondered what exactly has happened to this country. I think this cartoon gives a good portrayal of what our government has done to us. In pointing the finger (I think there are a whole lot of fingers to be pointed) of blame, here is what I came up with:

People: Our citizens, at least too many of them, want more things than they can afford. Our economy has responded and ours became a consumer economy. Consumption has become the driving force in our economy. Credit card companies and charge accounts allow most of us to buy things we really can’t afford. The government has become complicit in our gratification. They have mandated through law and regulations cheap credit for homes and loans to those who have no ability to pay. We are feeling the disastrous effects of their efforts to give us what we want and right now. I am convinced that the economic system we developed is unsustainable and will collapse. I don’t know if we are seeing it now, or whether the politicians will cobble together a plan to keep it going on a little longer. Either way, we are in deep trouble. Many of our citizens have bought into the socialist ideas that ravage Europe. They fail to understand that the “rich” are a finite resource and that the cash cow will eventually be milked dry, if they continue down this path. They fail to understand that unless we all produce more than we consume, our economy will be unable to sustain itself over time.

Education: Our education system is highly flawed. It was designed to give people the basics of reading, writing, and math to prepare them to work in factories. It does not teach the finer points of logical thinking or decision making. Lately, it has become involved in social engineering to strengthen the socialist’s support among the population. Agendas of ‘social reform’ are part of the public school curriculum. If we are ever going to save our future generations from themselves, schools need to teach responsibility, reward for hard work and success, and punishment for poor effort and failure. Logical thinking, decision making, science, ‘real’ history, and a detailed study of our Constitution need to be as important as math, reading, and writing. This is likely not to happen as long as the NEA has the Democrat party on its leash.

Politicians: Most of our politicians are very skilled con men. They understand the ignorance of the electorate and use this weakness against them. Obama is a prime example. He has promised his supporters a whole lot of ‘somethings for nothing’, and they bought it hook, line, and sinker. He will not be able to deliver the goods for them, but will most likely find ways to blame his failures on Republicans, p[robably even Bush. He may well succeed! It is a great little system these leftists have developed. Train the population to be ignorant, lacking motivation, and mediocre at best through our public schools, and then use these weaknesses to deceive them to gain their support and ultimately control over them. We are in a vicious cycle of ignorance. My only hope is that enough people will wise up in the next few years as this country continues to be diminished by the Democrat’s agenda. That may be our only hope. One of the things I have the hardest time understanding is why so many Americans buy into their drivel. Back in the ‘80s they wanted a unilateral nuclear weapons freeze, and there was talk about a unilateral nuclear weapons disarmament by them. They said it would make the world safer. Now they want to prohibit drilling for oil in our most productive areas claiming that the added supply will not decrease energy prices or add to our supplies. This junk is totally illogical, yet many Americans believe it.

I have spent the last 10 days contemplating the outcome of the election. I see a range of possibilities for our future, from a couple of years of Carter style blunders if they prove to be incompetent in wielding their new power, to a dictatorship much like the old Soviet Union if they prove as ruthless and evil as I think they might be. If the latter takes place, it will be because they stifle free speech (‘fairness doctrine’), virtually ban gun ownership, and get the economy so far in the toilet that the starving masses will accept any new system if they can have enough food not to go hungry. A lot of people don’t think this could happen in the US. I think it is very possible. The conditions are ripe for such a socialist revolution. I know there are many of us who will fight to the death to defend our Constitution, but there may not be enough of us. Obama has already publicly spoken for his disdain for our Constitution, so I’m sure he wouldn’t find dumping it much of a moral dilemma. I don’t, at this point, have any idea how far down the dismal road of Socialism we are going to travel. The first 6 months of the new administration should give us some clues. If the fairness doctrine is re-instated, gun ownership practically outlawed, and the tax increases he promised are not only fulfilled but made even more draconian, then I think we are in for it. My only advise is to try and be as fiscally solvent as you can, buy gold or silver, and definitely plenty of lead and brass (soon to be very precious metals). Try and store up plenty of long shelf life food, and other basic necessities. It is better to be ready than at the mercy of the government.