Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

This has been a particularly brutal election season (and way too long!). I have lamented the direction our nation appears to be heading. I have pondered how such a great nation as the USA could be willing to throw away our national pride, self-reliance and self respect, and wander down the dark road of Socialism. I think I finally figured it out. The elections 2 years ago that brought the Democrats to power in the Congress is a response to the failings, some fair but most perceived or concocted by the Democrats and their willing sycophants the MSM, of President Bush and the Republicans in Congress.

I really detest the Democrat leadership and the crazy Socialistic policies they pursue in the Congress. I have come to the realization that this IS where our country is, on the whole. Our government is a Representative Republic. I believe that the Congress is a pretty good mirror of our citizens and national psyche on the whole. It reflects our composite ignorance, insecurity, greed, lack of education, desire to ‘take the easy way out”, lack of personal responsibility, lack of historical perspective, etc. This is not to say that there are no responsible, upstanding, and informed citizens, Congressmen, or Senators, but rather that they are in the minority.

I think that there is a real possibility that the Democrats will end up controlling the Presidency and the Congress, possibly with huge majorities after this election. I hope and pray with all my might that this will not be the outcome. If this comes to pass, the real danger, aside from the Socialist agenda the Democrats will pursue, will be their efforts to solidify their power and control by cracking down on dissenters. Should they succeed, we may end up with a totalitarian state within a decade. The left in our country has become populated with many violently radicals and thugs. Domestic terrorism by these leftist groups against conservatives and their institutions will be a tactic to beat down dissention. The Democrats will turn a blind eye to their violence and most likely fund their front groups with taxpayer money, like they support ACORN right now. This is a worst case scenario. Hopefully the Democrats will prove to be the incompetent boobs we believe them to be. If they fail to stifle dissent and somehow fail to stop somewhat fair elections, there will be a backlash against them when their policies fail miserably. The wishy-washy middle of the road folks who often decide elections will finally wake up to see that a ‘bad’ condition will be made far worse as the nation trudges down the road of Socialism. The major failures by the Democrats’ Socialist agenda will be the event that wakes up the apathetic citizens in our country.

All this is just my take on our present situation. I have hope that McCain and Palin will pull off a win, but I don’t think there is much hope for the congressional elections. I don’t know how much McCain will actually be able to get done even if he wins, but at least Obama will have lost. That would be a particularly satisfying win considering how much money Obama has raised and spent, the support he has received from the MSM, and the unrelenting lies that have been spewed from his sycophant supporters in the Congress. I believe that should McCain and Palin win, the vitreol we have witnessed against President Bush in the past years will look mild compared with what they will throw at McCain and Palin. I told my wife that with all the incredible advantages Obama has had, it is amazing that the presidential race is as close as it is. That proves that there are still may Americans who have not bought into his line of Socialist BS.

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