The Testing of Obama

Undoubtedly, Bidens recent statement that should Obama be elected President, there will be an intentional international crisis within his the 6 months to test his mettle. He also stated that it would not be apparent at first that ‘we’ were doing the right thing. He also said there were 5 or 6 troubles that could crop up.

So I was splitting wood today pondering what the Great Gaff Machine had said. I know that the candidates on both sides have received national security briefings about current troubles our country is facing. So I started thinking about what was the most probable crisis the next president might face. I came up with either Israel striking Iran’s nuclear assets, or Iran striking Israel in a preemptive attack. Either way, I think it will be a war between Israel and Iran.

So, what did Biden mean by “it would not be apparent at first that ‘we’ were doing the right thing”. It comes down to whether he will support Israel or not. Obama is beholden to the left wing anti-war crowd, so any support for any war will bring him into bad favor with those nuts. Will Obama stand up to his left wing and support Israel? If he doesn’t support Israel, he will alienate the Jews who voted for him. They will feel betrayed, and justly so. Obama will be in a bad spot. Which way will he go? I’m not sure, but I think Israel will get thrown under the bus, along with his grandmother and others he can not politically afford.

So what happens when Iran mines and shuts down the Straight of Hormuz? Will he take action then? If not, oil prices worldwide will skyrocket. $4 a gallon gas would look like a bargain. What if Iran attacks US forces in Iraq or Afghanistan? He might be forced to act. If Obama refuses to fight, Europe could be forced to act because so much of their oil supply comes from the Middle East (rather ironic European nations having to fight). Depending on how big the war gets, and what type weapons get used, the conflict could quickly escalate. China and Russia could get involved, The US could be forced to act, but would Obama have the ‘steel in his spine’ as Biden claimed he has?

I don’t think many Americans understand just what could get started if Israel has to use their ‘big stuff’. If they feel sufficiently threatened, it will happen. Armageddon may be the result. The all out nuclear war we avoided for so long with the Soviets could be brought about because a wrong decision is made, or the US is perceived as being weak. Remember, Obama already said basically that there are no circumstances that necessitate the use of nuclear weapons. If our enemies don’t think he’ll use them, they are no longer a deterrent, and nuclear war becomes far more likely.

This is a really bad time to elect a President who boasts of his deep foreign policy credential and points to spending a few years as a child in Indonesia. The sad thing is that many Americans have such a poor education, they couldn’t find Israel and Iran on a globe, much less understand what is at stake if they go to war. I wonder if Obama does actually take us to war if code pink will protest him.

Lotta uncertainty…. this is probably rambling, kind of tired tonight…

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