Welcome to the People's Republic of the United Socialist States of America

I have been watching in dismay while my country goes completely ape-dodo over a Marxist Democrat whose resume is thinner than the wax paper covering a nasty week-old truck stop chicken salad sandwich. What in the blazes has happened to this once great nation? I just don’t understand how a nation with the morale character to beat back Nazism, Communism, and Fascism in the last century now stands poised to go down the same dark road of despair that we fought so hard against. We gave so many lives and spent so much treasure fighting the demented principles of the leftists. I spent quite a few years of my own life as a member of our military standing up to the Soviet threat. I must have been wasting my time. It looks like Communism is going to win despite all the efforts and sacrifices of so many good people in past generations. I believe we will soon witness the victory of Communism over Capitalism in our very own country. I am serious as hell about this. The leftists in this country have pulled out all the stops to ensure their victory. The media is complicit as well. Read the headlines. These new lefties are not good people. They are violent, deceptive, cheating, ignorant, and exploitative. I believe the new generation of socialists we have rampaging are the same sort that brought on the Bolshevik Revolution, Hitler’s rise to power, the Holocaust, Mao’s cultural revolution, and more recently, radical Islam in Iran, and Chavez’s socialist takeover of Venezuela.

Read the headlines! These leftists are very, very dangerous. They will see no moral dilemma if getting what they want costs lives. I’d love for one of our media dupes to ask Obama just a single question which is: :Do you in any way feel that your support (money and personal appearances) of Odinga in Kenya may have, in even the smallest way, contributed to the deaths of thousands resulting from the riots Odinga stirred up when he lost?” I’m sure he’d side step the question, and the leftists supporting him would probably plot to kill the media dupe.

Folks, this is some serious stuff! Once Communism gets going in our country, kiss good-bye your guns, religion, free speech, freedom of movement, individuality, hopes and dreams, privacy, standard of living, just about everything most of us take for granted every day.

I know many reading this may think I’m nuts, but this new generation of lefties is really that dangerous. They have found their figurehead in this flimsy little man from Hawaii, or Kenya, or Chicago, or where ever the hell he’s from. He is dangerous because he may soon have virtually unlimited power to do what ever he wants with massive Democrat majorities in the Congress. If he gets into the office, I see very dark days for this country which may last generations. Nothing is going to be the same.

Agree or disagree with me, at least, right now, I still have the right to call them what they are…MARXIST! SOCIALIST! COMMUNISTS!