I Need This From Time To Time

I have been a bit down for a while. The economy is in the crapper, McCain and Palin are lagging in the polls, ACORN is trying its best to steal the election, the Democrats are really full of themselves (nauseatingly cocky), and about half of my fellow countrymen have gone completely nuts and are willing to throw this country into Obama’s socialistic system. It looks like our country’s future may bring most of us some very hard times.

When I get to feeling like this, the following video helps a lot. I love this country and will never stop! I just pray that I will always have America to love. I hope for the best for all Americans. I hope enough people will come to their senses and not set us on the road to destruction. This is the most important election I in my lifetime (I’m almost 50). Anyhow, here is one of the most beautiful, uplifting, and patriotic songs ever.