The Obama Channel, What's Next?

I’ve been really busy as of late, and haven’t had time to do a lot of reading on RS…sorry if you are aware of this.

I’m putting this in all caps and bold for emphasis:


I was flipping through the channels tonight and found that Dish Network’s channel 73 is now the “Obama” channel. I had no idea this was in existence. I thought I’d seen it all with the poor little brainwashed Kalifornia kids, now the Anointed One has his own TV channel? This is a sure sign of the end of the world. I’m just wondering why it wasn’t put up in the 260 range, which is where most the religious channels reside.

I don’t know how much more of this crap I can take! I’m really starting to hate anyone who gave this BOZO a contribution. Now he’s bought his own satellite channel! Lord, help us!