What the next President Faces

I know most of us here on RS are pretty well abreast of what is going on in the world. For some unknown reason, last night I mentally started listing all the MAJOR issues I could think of facing this country. I am going to just list the items I came up with, in no particular order, just to put them in print. Please feel free to add to the list if you think I missed anything. There is no reason for this to be a depressing exercise, this is just the reality we face.

Russia sells advanced air defense missile system to Iraq

Russia stepping up help to Iranian nuclear program

Russia sends warships to Venezuela

Russia deploys strategic bombers to Venezuela

Russia plans military exercises with Venezuela in Caribbean

Russia to become aligned with Cuba (again)

Russia revamps naval facilities in Syria to increase strength in Mediterranean

Russia claiming vast areas of Arctic to exploit natural resources

Russia threatens to cut off oil and gas to Western European nations if they attempt reprisals for Russia’s military actions against former Soviet territories

Russia increases their military budget by 25%

Russia threatens Poland with nuclear weapons over US missile defense system to be located there

Russia flying long range bombers along US, UK, Scandinavian nations international borders

NATO seen as impotent in its response to Russia’s invasion of Georgia

Russia threatens Ukraine if it becomes NATO member

North Korea restarting nuclear reactor

North Korea restarting nuclear weapons program

Iran continues enriching uranium to weapons grade

Iran’s leader continues to threaten Israel

Iran threatens to cut off oil tankers going through Straits of Hormuz if attacked

Taliban and Al-Qaeda still running rampant in border area of Afghanistan/Pakistan

Pakistan threatens US forces if they cross border to attack Taliban or Al-Qaeda

Pakistan has shaky government but nuclear weapons

Chavez threatens to cut off oil exports to US

Southeast US has severe gasoline and diesel shortages, many stations out of gas, long lines

US oil production and refineries in western Gulf of Mexico area not back to pre-Ike/Gostov production levels, may take months to restore production levels

Democrats in House blocking increase in domestic oil drilling

Price of petroleum fuels heading upwards again after decrease

Rising cost of heating fuels may cause many in northern US to have very cold winter

US Government bailing out investment banks, insurance companies, Fanny and Freddie, etc, no end in sight, cost of bailouts over $1 trillion so far and counting

Unemployment rate rises to over 6% nationally

Food prices soar

Commodity metal prices soar

Thieves stealing copper wiring and plumbing to make fast cash in scrap metal market

Many airlines bankrupt or on very shaky ground

US auto manufacturers post record losses

US auto manufacturers next in line for bailouts?

Public education still failing nationwide (there are still some good schools)

Widespread declining property values/property tax revenues causing local governments to have major budget shortfalls

Illegal aliens causing violent crime waves in many areas of US

US Southern border still not secure to drugs and human smuggling

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