Red vs. Blue Instead of Blue vs. Gray

I just had the weirdest thought….this country has not been as divided as it today since the War Between the States, A.K.A. The Civil War, some 140 + years ago. We are not divided over the issue of slavery or states rights like back then. Our divisions today include:

socialism vs. capitalism

pro-abortion vs. pro-life

anti death penalty vs. pro death penalty

open borders with unlimited immigration vs. secure borders with legal and regulated immigration

legal same sex marriage vs. traditional 1 man 1 woman marriage

pacifist anti-war all the time vs. national security, war is necessary and justified at times

free government health care vs. personal responsibility for health care

welfare for the needy vs. personal responsibility for economic success

tax rates are always to low on the rich vs. taxes rates should never be more than absolutely necessary for valid, constitutional requirements

more government money or regulation is the solution to any problem vs. viable solutions usually require no additional money or regulation, often less of both

individuality should take second to the good of the many vs. individuality is paramount in a free society

the government can and should fix everything vs. the government causes most problems our society faces

moral values are situational and relative vs. there is truly good and evil, good should be nurtured and evil vanquished

patriotism is old fashioned and out of date vs. this is the greatest country God ever gave man, patriotism is a simple way of saying thank you

our country is responsible for the worlds ills vs. this country has done more to lift up the rest of the world, freed more that were in bondage, and gives more in time of need than the rest of the nations of the Earth combined

global warming will destroy the world vs. the Earth’s climate is always in flux, our ancestors survived far more than a couple degree change in temperature with no sort of advanced technology, we will be fine, humanity will survive

guns are bad and should be banned vs. the Second Amendment guarantees my right to bear arms, and the law my right to self defense

you have freedom of speech as long as I am not offended by what you say or disagree vs. I may disagree with you completely, but will defend to the death your right to speak

racism is everywhere vs. there are still racist in this country, but they have been rendered mostly impotent

There are many more, but to sum it up…

Liberalism vs. Conservatism

Will this country split again in the future? I have no idea. I am not a sociologist or anthropologist, but it occurs to me that when we humans lived in small villages, or tribes, or bands, it was probably easier to get along with each other. People in such small groups would share values much more closely than our diverse population in gigantic cities today. People seldom left the area where they were born back then, our society today is highly mobile. I don’t have a solution to our differences. I will no more become a liberal than Obama will become a conservative. So how will we hold this thing together? I have no idea…