From El Rushbo: Obama Campaign Threatens Jewish Group Over Palin

I was listening to Rush this afternoon. This is my best attempt at reporting what he had to say about why Sarah Palin was uninvited to the Conference of Presidents demonstration against Iran:

Rush apparently knows well the head of the Conference of Presidents (I didn’t catch the guy’s name), the Jewish group that organized the protest against Iran’s policies towards Israel. He says that after Hillary bowed out due to Sarah Palins planned attendance, the group was threatened with a law suit by the Obama campaign that would challenge their tax exempt status for having the appearance of political activities. Blackmail pure and simple!

What a bunch of crap! The group had invited representatives from both major political parties. Hillary had decided not to attend when she found out Sarah would be there too. Hillary’s actions were completely political. If all this is true, we have a very good display of just what the Obama folks are capable of. They would blackmail a Jewish group for the sake of political gain. It was not Sarah’s fault that Hillary bowed out. I hope this get play somewhere. People better wake up and see just how thuggish the Obama left is and what methods it will use to get its way. Wake up America!

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