Obama could not get a security clearance!

I recently had to apply for a DOD security clearance. The level I applied for is about the lowest, that being Secret. Does it bother any of the Obama supporters that he could not even be granted that lowly level of clearance? His admitted use of a lot of illegal drugs along with is affiliation with ‘individuals or groups’ committed to the overthrow the government of the US would get him a big “Denied” stamp on his application. Does it bother Obama supporters that even the lowliest E-1 serving in a sensitive job in the military would have to leap a hurdle that the prospective Commander in Chief could not clear?

In my early days as a technician on fighter aircraft armament systems, I worked on nuclear capable F-4Ds in England. We had some of our aircraft loaded up with nukes and ready to attack the USSR at all times back then (the cold war was still ongoing). Because I worked on the nuclear weapons systems, in addition to my security clearance, I was under the added scrutiny of the Personnel Reliability Program (PRP for short). I had a folder that my squadron maintained, and any sort of observed ‘unusual’ behavior or minor trouble I got into was put in that folder. Had I been a bit screwier, I could have lost my job and been made o cook or something along those lines. I don’t know if they still have that program, but they used to. I give this background because there are a lot of ignorant Americans who seem willing to give the keys to our nuclear forces to a guy who could not legitimately have access to the most insignificant parts of this system were he to join the military. What in blazes is wrong here???? How can so many Americans be so irresponsible as to support this Bozo Obama???? Why isn’t he being held to at least the same standards as a lowly E-1? I think the concept is that if he is elected President, he has proven trustworthy by the American people, but doesn’t this seem just a bit crazy?