My thoughts on Sarah Palin

Earlier this year, I was really depressed and angry about the way our primary was going. McCain secured our party’s nomination. I got on RS and started spewing a bunch of crap because I wasn’t happy with our candidate. I almost got BLAMMED! I was even tagged as being a troll for a short time. Thanks to all those who gave me a second chance. Anyhow, my issue was based in my strong desire that we have a new Reagan on the ticket. In my mind, only another Reagan could fix our country. I had some major issues with McCain back then. At the time the Democrat nominee was still up in the air. I really had a hard time warming up to McCain. Once the Democrats chose Obama, I found it much easier to accept McCain. I didn’t want our country to march down the road to Marxism being lead by Obama and his sycophants. I knew McCain would serve honorably and keep our country secure. I did feel much better, but still a bit disappointed.

Enter Sarah Palin!McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin really won me over. I feel that he extended an olive branch to all the hardheaded conservatives like me. Sarah is a brilliant choice. I am truly excited about voting for McCain and Palin. I think I will be skipping while whistling Zippity-Do-Dah on my way into the voting booth on Nov 4th (I mean that literally).

Now with all that out of the way, my thoughts about Sarah Palin:

To me, she is the new Reagan I have been waiting for. She is authentic. She has a kind, loving heart, and the strength and conviction to fight for what is right. She will change the hearts of many in the prochoice camp through the example of her own life. She will inspire women across the country to excel in their own lives. She shows that femininity and strength are not like oil and water, they do mix very well! Real men will respect and admire her because she has earned our respect by achieving success own her own, not by riding her husband’s coat tails and building a phony resume of nonexistent achievements, like a certain Mrs. Clinton.

There are times in history when a leader comes forth, often from complete obscurity. I believe that is what we are witnessing. I feel this to my marrow. MAN I’M JAZZED! I believe that for some reason, we humans have the innate ability to recognize a real leader. That is what I see in Sarah…a natural leader. Somehow we gravitate to a true leader. It is a bit early to tell, but McCain’s choice of Sarah probably will win him the presidency. My personal thanks to John McCain…you did good!