To the guys on XBOX Live that HATE Republicans

I’m kind of an old fart, but my oldest son got me hooked on Halo a few years ago. I enjoy spending a bit of my free time mixing it up with the younger guys (and gals) I meet on XBox live. It is humbling to ket your butt kicked by 10 year olds, but I figure it is good for me in the long run.

Last night I was playing Halo 3 with one of my buddies when we got paired up with a couple of yound guys. If you are not faniliar with playing video games on line, a feature the systems have is the ability to talk to eack other while playing. These guys started talking to each other about how much they hate Republicans. This was after Governor Palin’s speech. The comments were that she had spoken a bunch of lies and that they didn’t really see anything but a [email protected]$ on the stage. I took this for as long as I could and simply posed the question of what exactly they think qualifies Obama to be President. The fireworks had begun. They couldn’t site any thing except the bill he had worked on with Lugar dealing with what they said was a “nuclear non-proliferation”. I guess they were talking about the bill dealing with conventional weapons stores which included man pack surface to air missile destruction in addition to other conventional weapons. I asked them how old they were because they had also been talking about their fraternities. They asked me how old I thought they were and I said probably early 20’s. I was right and was informed that one of them had a Polysci degree from an Ivy league college. I guess that was suppose to impress me, but I wasn’t. I found in these educated idiots, who supported Obama, a real sexist attitude and a general lack of understanding of politics and the threats our nation faces. I think they would do well to see about getting a refund from their college for the worthless degrees they were awarded.

These guys don’t understand that they have paid big bucks to be brainwashed in Marxism when they could have gotten the same ‘education’ in the former Soviet Union for free 20 years ago. I really hate the condescending attitudes these guys displayed. It probably won’t happen, but I really hope that somehow they stumble on this diary entry. They really messed up my night for playing Halo. I really didn’t want to get into a political argument while playing, but I really could’nt just sit there and listen to their hatefilled B.S.