Did I Watch the Right Debate?

Shocking. That’s the only word to describe the response of the media and some samples observed with “undecided” voters. Most of the night tonight Barack Obama tonight seemed completely flustered and totally out of his element. He smiled sarcastically, he interrupted, he offered incoherent answers to Jim Lehrer’s questions. Put simply, he looked like he didn’t belong on the same stage with John McCain. Even though, the typical analysis I’ve heard in the MSM tonight goes something like this: “It was two debates. Obama won the first part, McCain the second. Obama came out ahead on the economy, McCain was clearly superior on foreign policy.” That seems consistent with the pre-debate narrative. The country seems to assume Obama is superior when it comes to the economy, in spite of the fact that his spending objectives, especially in the current climate, would bankrupt us.

Two debates? Really?

John McCain came out swinging on the economy, identifying the problem in Washington right now – Spending. This is a stark difference with the Bush administration. We have to cut spending. The concept is pretty simple. Barack Obama’s retorts were impossible to comprehend. They had little specific substance. He did not even respond adequately to the challenge concerning the massive spending his policy promises. Worse, he continues to pound on this absurd notion that John McCain is in league with George W. Bush on most policy. This is utter nonsense. John McCain and George W. Bush have been at odds since W. arrived on the national scene. McCain very adequately ticked off example after example of how he differs from Bush, yet Obama and the press simply ignore those facts and forge on under Obama’s falsehoods and campaign rhetoric.

McCain was direct and clear, and his positions make sense. Barack Obama was deceptive, could not even describe one change in his proposed policies that would result from the massive bailout Congress is arguing over right now, and acted like a child. He actually thinks it is good policy to trample on the sovereignty of Pakistan in pursuit of Osama Bin Laden. Never has his inexperience and inadequacy been more evident. He clearly is not a seasoned enough leader to even begin to qualify for the Presidency. His candidacy is a farce and the fact that he is neck and neck with McCain has this writer completely flummoxed. That the press continues to actively promote the myth that is Barack Obama is a travesty of historical proportions.

Barack Obama acted like a man-child tonight. He does not even belong on the same stage with John McCain. John McCain was the clear, unequivocal, hands down winner. Liberal fantasies may vary, but they do not make for truth.

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