Mission from God

When it comes to faith, there are two types of people in the world. Those who put their faith in a higher power, and those who put their faith in man. Sarah Palin was heard to say that her congregation should pray we were on God’s side in the Iraq war. The leftists out there are leaving a critical component out of that statement when they report it. Palin’s exact, full quote was “Pray that our national leaders are sending our troops on a task that is from God.” Contrast that to the knee jerk left asserting that Palin said “Our national leaders are sending our troops on a task that is from God.” Or worse, some blogs I’ve read seem like people who are reading this quote can not comprehend English. Palin, echoing the same sentiments offered by Lincoln, FDR, and Kennedy, says essentially we should pray we’re doing the right thing. The left needs to distort this to something that it is not.

Saying the mere words “mission from God” antagonizes Atheists and Agnostics who are threatened by the very belief there is something bigger than them. Even though Palin was reflecting a humility rare among politicians, this statement is barely 6 hours old and it has been warped by the secular left.

Those who decry “there is no God” are lying, most of them. Atheists deny the existence of the Judeo-Christian God, but that does not mean they do not worship the same god that all of Secular Humanity worships. That would be man. It is that faith in man that leads to the folly and poison that is Socialism. The irony of American Politics is that most Democrats do not realize what socialism is. In a recent email exchange, a friend of mine cried foul when I used the ‘S’ word. “Why does everyone think Democrats are all socialists who want to give away the American economy?”

Socialism’s seductive power starts with the belief system that says man is essentially good, and when given his opportunity, will do good. The major flaw with Socialism is its humanistic foundation. Given the premise that resource ownership translates to power, when the resources of a given state are all funneled through a central distribution channel, the massive power that accrues has proven time and again to be impossible to resist.

Judeo-Christian belief is the diametric opposite of that world view. Judeo-Christian belief says man is essentially bad and can only be made whole through the redemption of forgiveness. The Judeo-Christian tradition recognizes the limitations of our evolution, and seeks to limit it with a belief system of benevolence and forgiveness. Conservatism naturally bases its tenets in this system. Conservatism requires power be balanced among ALL the people through liberty and justice for all.