Thumbing their Noses at You

Joe Biden says if Sarah Palin is elected Vice President, “it would be a backward step for women.”

Carol Fowler says Palin’s only qualification is that she “hasn’t had an abortion.”

Joan Cusack, posing as someone named Cintra Wilson, thinks Sarah Palin is a religious nut who is after your freedom.](http://www.salon.com/mwt/feature/2008/09/10/palin_feminism/). She even goes so far as to suggest all women should be mad as hell and ready to not take it anymore, or words to that effect.

And then Barack Obama himself dared tread on the lipstick turf yesterday, then dropped his own crocodile tears in response to Republicans pointing out the foolishness of his not so clever attempts.

The fact is, most of you ladies out there seem to be identifying with Sarah Palin. She’s just like you in a lot of ways. She’s a mom, she’s thrifty, she’s practical, she’s well-spoken, and she’s conservative. The fact is, she represents true feminism better than any possible choice, and that has liberals up in arms.

Biden, Fowler, and Cusack along with countless others are thumbing their noses at you and your values. They want your votes or your entertainment dollar, but the fact is they think you’re a rube if you identify with Sarah Palin.

Why is that?

Well first, Sarah Palin redefines feminism. Feminism in the tradition of Gloria Steinem was a failure, and feminists who still embrace that school of thought see Palin’s traditional home and values as an invalidation of the notion of women being just like men. The fact has always been that women are not just like men, and Palin shows us that they’re that much the better for it.

Second, Sarah Palin is religious, and that scares the fire out of secular liberals. They’ve managed to gain such a choke-hold on domestic affairs, they assume only those from their secularist faith should be allowed to enter political discussion. The paranoia stinks like much of the discussion concerning John F. Kennedy’s Catholicism. When Kennedy ran, it was not unusual to hear talk of answering to the Pope. Now, according to Cusack’s “There are those who will find comfort in the fact that they will know exactly what can be expected from Palin: Free will subordinated to obedience of an airtight, evangelical interpretation of the demands of God, country and Republican men.” The ignorance is stunning, but it is born of the same virus as Kennedy’s problems.

The fact is, Sarah Palin’s record shows she governs according to the law, not her religion.

Such paranoid histrionics are driving the venom liberals are thrown at Palin, and by proxy you, your mom, your sisters, your cousins, and your friends. Any of us who are or who honor the women of this country who have provided our moral backbone for 230 years should be deeply offended at the Liberal Community over their behavior. The mere suggestion that they own the feminist turf based on their arcane secular world-view is patently false. What they fear is the invalidation of Palin’s rise.

The Obama Campaign still has not figured out what hit them and continues to dig itself a deeper and deeper hole. It is apparent to this writer that the problems they face based on their secular and narcissistic values will take longer than they have to overcome. Obama can not win without you, the hockey/soccer/Wal-Mart moms out there. Why they continue insulting the very demographic they need to win this November defies logical explanation. And ultimately, that’s the answer this writer is seeking. This is not a rational discussion.