Whose Election is it Anyway?

For the last few days I’ve been watching the evening news shows and I hear precious little about John McCain. As a political strategy, the timing and selection of Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin could be the most astute,

The problems for Obama are complex. His arrogance and that of his supporters is epic. His indulgence of the Seventh Deadly Sin is working wonders against his campaign because they have not the capacity to deal with the grass roots appeal of their opponents. For 18 months they have labored under the assumption that “(they) are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Now here comes the wildly popular Vice Presidential candidate, and they can’t take their eyes off her her long enough to say anything more than the tired and wholly inaccurate mantra that John McCain is “more of the same.” Palin is wildly popular with women, many of whom made up that assumed majority Obama’s been going to bed every night assuming were in his pocket. Even some Hillary supporters and feminists otherwise are re-evaluating their assumptions about Republicans because of Conservatives’ unqualified acceptance and devotion to her. Sarah Palin and John McCain both are real reformers. Obama arguably is not. Obama is running on a platform that requires people believe John McCain is the same as George W. Bush. That is patently false. Let us not forget that John McCain voted against the most basic of George Bush’s acts as President, the tax cuts that were wildly popular amongst we Conservatives. In fact, not long ago, I spent several nights banging out emails urging my Conservative friends to disdain the radio talking points about McCain over that vote. I said then and it rings so much more true now, John McCain didn’t support those cuts because the bill did not include the requisite spending cuts to go with them. John McCain votes his conscience, and guess what? That means 90% of the time in the last administration he has supported the Republican President. But the very fact that he is here to cut spending terminates any argument that McCain is Bush III.

All Barack Obama has left at this point are jokes about lipstick and stinky fish.

Our Congress and President suffer now from unthinkably low approval ratings because Americans are fed up with the sniping, and Republicans are fed up with their own party’s largesse. John McCain’s Convention speech reflected that very sentiment. Republicans have been in the doldrums most of this year. They had lost faith in the Republican party’s commitment to true conservatism, whose foundations are the twin pillars of reduced spending small government. George W. Bush has given us neither. The primary campaign left us cold in terms of what most Conservatives felt about McCain. That perception aggravated by talk show pundits who decried McCain’s Maverick voting record as more evidence of the death of true Conservatism. I thought those arguments were ridiculous. John McCain has always voted his conscience, even if it went against the party lines. Given the state of the Conservative mind on the morning of August 29, it should not be a surprise to anyone what happened around the lunch hour that day. The Great Conservative Awakening was on, and the Obama Campaign as been reeling ever since.

Impeccably timed less than 14 hours from the end of the DNC’s Obamopolis speech, McCain may have dropped the biggest bombshell in US Political History. What Democrats and Liberals still have not grasped is why Sarah Palin has galvanized the sleeping silent majority and turned the 2008 election on it’s ear. Where Obama and his supporters seemingly assumed they would sail smooth waters into the White House and secure a veto-proof majority, suddenly and swiftly McCain capsized their boat and they’ve been flailing wildly ever since. The attack took a week to complete, the explosion reverberated for another week in the form of the rampant attention and attacks on Sarah Palin, and now this week continues in the form of stupid gaffe after stupid gaffe. Next week, or at some point soon, I expect the next wave of contrition and credibility crippling backpedaling to start in.

Lipstick on a pig? No, he certainly didn’t mean to point that directly at Palin. What can not be argued however is the stupidity of choosing that old joke. Obama should not leave his intent open to question, yet, he did. This is not the stuff of a competent campaign.

Given McCain’s move and it’s brilliance, once has to wonder how it could have had the effect we’ve witnessed? This effect would not have been seen with any other Conservative candidate. The primary season was lukewarm at best because all the candidates were seen as not comparing favorably to the standard-bearer, Ronald Reagan. Where is our Reagan? We mused, while watching the sterling podium performances put on by Barack Obama. Then here comes Sarah. Sarah Palin. Sarah Barracuda to some, a nickname I am not all that comfortable with in the political context. She’s the true, well-spoken conservative Republicans have been waiting for. The most important aspect of McCain’s decisions to put the undeniably Reagan Conservative Palin on the ticket as his complement is the message to his party. Once he nominated Palin, there could be no further doubt of McCain’s dedication to Conservative values.

And the Democrats keep doing stupid things.