Sarah Palin: The Beauty and the Beasts

The beauty in this case is Governor Sarah Palin, the beasts are the leftist media/blogosphere that is out smearing her in full force. She was announced as McCain’s VP pick only yesterday, and already the attacks are have gone into the gutter. For example:

Questioning if her down-syndrome child is really her daughter’s (even if true, that is an entirely personal issue);

Accusing her of editing her own wiki page;

Calling her names like “the new Segway”, or “the new Betamax”;

And it gets far nastier…Under a pseudonym, the Obama campaign already set up a web site to claim “A vote for McCain/Palin is a vote for gay marriage”. (congrats to Charles Johnson at LGF for catching this).

Other examples:

Blasting out old high school and beauty pageant photos or desperately digging for a photo, any photo at all, of Palin in a bikini, to use against her (as if there is anything immoral about a swimsuit outside of Saudi Arabia or Iran?).

Claiming that McCain and Palin must be sleeping together, and that Palin has “a nice ass”.

Putting up fake magazine covers to ridicule her (from Andrew Sullivan no less, who claims to be above this kind of politiking).

Calling her “the most unqualified nominee in VP history with the possible exception of Admiral Stockdale” (Not to get off topic, but it shows how this moron doesn’t even know his comparisons; Admiral Stockdale was an American hero, a Medal of Honor recipient, and the highest-ranking man held as POW in Vietnam. He once slashed his own face with a razor to prevent him from being forced to make disloyal statements on Vietnamese TV).

Saying she “looks like a porn star“.

Some more choice sexist quotes:”SM” at Washington Monthly:

Prediction: Since this is indeed an unprecedented campaign season, I think we will soon see Palin withdraw herself as the VP pick to “spend more time with her family.” Seriously. Given a day’s worth of coverage, I don’t possibly see how she will hold up for two months.

“MattF” at Washington Monthly:

just a weird coincidence that the person McCain selected is the youngest and prettiest and least experienced of the possible choices.

“MsMuddled” at Washington Monthly:

precisely what you flaccid freedom freaks seek in a professional female: someone who gives you a boner and at the same time fix your little boo-boos.

“LA Confidential Pantload” at Balloon Juice:

Why’d he pick her? He was probably having one of those erections that last more than four hours.

“Digital Amish” at Balloon Juice:

It’s obvious what McCain is doing with this pick. Flanked by Cindy and Sarah he’s trying to decide that age old question—“MaryAnn or Ginger?”

“dbrown” at Balloon Juice:

The only thing Gov. Palin has learned in her political life is how to give hand jobs to the fundamentalist – as for intelligence, didn’t anyone tell her about birth control or at least, hand jobs for her spouse?…AS for eye candy, I saw her cover for Vogue, and she was in lingerie! Now that is a woman who is professional but not when it comes to being VP.

“Flippant” at Daily Kos:

The Maverick and the MILF. This is a gift and let’s open ‘er up.

(If you don’t know what “MILF” means, you will have to google it).

And that is just a small sample of what’s out there.

As one Hillary Clinton supporter put it:

Keep it up, possums. Keep it up. Just when some Hillary supporters were trying to forget what misogynist freaks you all are, now you’re going to remind us all over again.

There is a very good chance that this kind of chatter could really backfire against the Dems. Wait and see.

That doesn’t mean she was the best choice. My jury, one that actually deliberates, not presupposes, is still out. But let’s face it – no matter who McCain chose, the attacks would have been in full swing already. Romney: “going for campaign $$“, Huckabee: “pandering to the religious right“, Condi Rice: “pandering to minorities“, Lieberman: “desperate for the crossover vote“. See how this works?

(This is a slightly shorter version of the original article at my blog. Check it out if you wish.)