Obama: Three Key Destructive Policies in Just One Month

Maybe President Obama sees the writing on the wall. His time in the White House is running out and he knows it. How else can you explain the radical agenda he’s been pushing at full speed lately?

He has been aggressive on three fronts: Energy, defense, and religion.

In January, Mr. Obama baffled even his union allies by rejecting the Keystone pipeline project, with its estimated 20,000 new jobs. He placated his enviro-liberal base at the expense of jobs and energy. Keystone, however, will still build its pipeline… for China. Canada is now likely to go west and build a pipeline that will send billions of barrels of North American oil to China.  It’s akin to moving a life-sustaining IV from one patient to another.

The Obama Administration’s deliberate obtuseness offers another benefit to China. While China builds up its military at an alarming pace, President Obama is slashing U.S. defense. His latest scheme? Reduce our nuclear capability by up to 80% unilaterally, even as potential foes around the world are increasing and modernizing their nuclear stockpiles. As far back as 1983, Mr. Obama said he wanted, “a nuclear free world.” That kind of thinking always sends a dangerous message to the bad players of the world that the U.S. is in appeasement mode and is deliberately weakening its ability to deter attacks.

Next up? Religious freedom. Apparently Mr. Obama’s thinking hasn’t changed since he mocked people who, he said, “cling to guns or religion.” Now he’s flatly disregarding conscientious objections they may have to abortion-inducing drugs. Deeply held beliefs that are protected by the First Amendment are being trampled by the administration in an unprecedented way.

What is the goal behind all this hardball politics?  Could it be his only chance for reelection? Or, is this a last, desperate push to deploy his transformational socialistic agenda? General Patton once said, “Never let the enemy pick the battle site.” Obama appears to be trying to gain a tactical advantage by seeking to divide and preoccupy his opponents, while obfuscating his real record. It’s a ‘Let’s Change the Subject’ playbook, and these aren’t small-ball diversions. That’s how bad his record is.

We should not assume his strategy will fall under its own weight. There’s determination behind these destructive policies, and it must be met by greater determination from conservatives.


Congressman John Fleming, M.D., represents Louisiana’s 4th District. He is Co-Chair of the Congressional Values Action Team, Chairman of the Natural Resources Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans and Insular Affairs, and is a member of the House Armed Services Committee. He is a physician and small business owner.