ABC News Poll: American Dream Fading

This whole Amercian Dream thing has thrown me for a bit of a loop.  In fact, yesterday, with my mind a whirl with thoughts of a nation in decline, I suffered an ocular migraine which causes kaleidoscope vision, and is then followed by a brain ache.  Of course, the 46% of people who believe the American dream is history, suffering from such symptoms, would subject themselves to a battery of ridiculously expensive medical tests, ask someone else to pick up the bill, and then file for social security disability.

But not me.  Here I am, after a short reprieve,  back at the computer screen, living the American dream and bringing  you the best that I’ve got.

If you haven’t yet seen the results of an ABC News poll conducted by Langer research, maybe you’re better off.  Let’s face it; a lot of us are hanging on the edge of a cliff and Obama is stepping on our fingers trying to finish the job.  It’s easy to say “I give” and reach out to the saving hand of the great one, declare the American Dream dead, and get on the government payroll; but my friends, the narrow path is the one that leads to salvation.

Let me tell you what the problem is: In the words of one of my favorite guys, M. Scott Peck, life is difficult.  It is fraught with an endless stream of problems, the least of which are securing the basic necessities one needs to simply survive.  To secure the basic necessities–shelter, food, health care, clothes–one must be willing to trade his time and skills for sufficient wages to cover such expenses, unless of course he lives in America where politicians trade the basic necessities, paid for by others, to acquire what they want: wealth and power.

Langer Research defined the American Dream as “if you work hard, you’ll get ahead.”
The fact of the matter is, it’s easier to not work at all, and get what you need.