Bob Woodward Strikes Again

I was going to write a really exciting post on the lastest Obama defector, Larry Summers.  It appears he would rather secure his tenure at Harvard than work on the biggest economic conundrum since the Great Depression.  I guess we have our priorities.  That leaves Timmy Geitner to get it done.  I hope this crisis isn’t as complicated as Turbo Tax.

With Bob Woodward sucking all the air out of the room with Obama’s Wars, a stunning expose of the inner workings of an administration fighting two unpopular wars, the Larry Summers thing got moved to the back burner in a heart beat.  The book’s release is scheduled for September 27, but excerpts have been released to media outlets, creating a firestorm of negative press.

This quote from Obama regarding a potential terrorist attack on US soil has garnered the most attention: “We can absorb a terrorist attack. We’ll do everything we can to prevent it, but even a 9/11, even the biggest attack ever . . . we absorbed it and we are stronger.”

Okay, so what’s the problem?  First, nobody wants to absorb any kind of terrorist attack; especially one that can due grave harm to an economy that can’t even absorb the growing number of unemployed.  Second, a major terrorist attack with Obama in the White house could be a double whammy.  He has already proven through his words and actions that he is an apologist for the US on the world stage.   And let’s face it; a protracted war just doesn’t fit into his plans to “fundamentally change” the US.  How Obama would react to such an attack is as uncertain as the cloudy economic climate he presides over.

As the word “malaise” works it’s way into the daily economic dialogue, and comparisons to Jimmy Carter are becoming more frequent, it’s becoming apparent to a growing number of Americans that we have a leader who is incompetent and weak.  He’s a one term president.  My greatest fear is: can we survive another two years?