Ethanol is for Idiots

Maybe this has been covered.    If so, here it comes again.   Who are the idiots that voted for ethanol subsidies and would the people in those states PLEASE vote them out of office?    Thank you!

Here’s my problem.   I fill up with 10% ethanol.   I’m taxed to pay for this expensive additive, so hopefully, it does something for me.  Nope.  My fuel mileage drops by nearly 15%.  How is this possible?   I don’t know, but it really hacks me off.   Go above 10% and my fuel mileage drops by as much as 20%.  I’ve tested this repeatedly with my normally high mileage new and computerized vehicle.

Do you have to be a rocket scientist to understand that if your gas mileage drops by more than the fuel you put in, that you are INCREASING our reliance on foreign fuels?   And if the pollution saved per gallon of gas used is not notably higher than the 10-20% drop in fuel mileage, you’re still polluting as much or more than before?   This aside from the MASSIVE pollution and energy usage caused to create ethanol and the terrible impact it has on food prices.

There is no redeeming value to ethanol production.   At all.   Unless you like creating busy work for farmers at an incredible cost to everyone else.   I get it, conservatives like farmers.  But is it not time to stop subsidizing what gets produced and let the market decide what gets produced?   Is not our terrible ethanol situation a massive testament to the flaws of well-meaning government involvement in the market?   Why do Republicans lose their ideals as soon as a tractor gets involved?   Are there ANY Republican politicians that have noticed their fuel mileage going to hell?   Do any of them drive themselves any more?

Are we really this idiotic?  Do we really deserve the government we have?  I don’t remember sinning this badly in my previous life.