Contract With America II

If not now, when?   It is about to be the 16th anniversary of CWA.     This is an unedited idea I posted on American Solutions way back before I realized it was just a book selling website for Newt.    Needs some work now, but thought I’d see how it flies before refining it again.Solution Overview

Thereafter, within the first 100 days of the 112th(?) Congress, we shall bring to the House Floor the following bills, each to be given full and open debate, each to be given a clear and fair vote and each to be immediately available this day for public inspection and scrutiny.

1. Fiscal Responsibility Act – Enact zero base line budgeting, rather than automatic increases in budgets for government programs. Pledge to freeze government spending for 4 years to reduce government deficits and strengthen the value of the dollar and our credit abroad.

2. Energy Freedom and Independence Act – By federal mandate, prevent courts, state/local governments and environmental groups from preventing construction of new refineries, biofuel refineries, solar energy, nuclear and wind power. Open up all major areas of the US for oil and natural gas exploration, including coastal areas and ANWR. Sell off Strategic Petroleum Reserve and replace with the Strategic Algal Fuel Reserve on a barrel for barrel basis, jump starting algae biofuel development and production. Completely replace foreign oil imports with US petroleum reserves and biofuels by 2020. Require all car manufacturers to make biofuel engines and energy sipping DSG or available in all cars by 2012.

3. Healthcare Diversity Act – Creates penalties for prescription drug gouging, allowing American to the same low prices available in other countries. Protects doctors and hospitals from excessive lawsuits, preventing unnecessary procedures. Provides special protections to small cash only healthcare clinics formed by doctors and nurses to provide care for the under insured.

4. One Human Race Act – Removes all accounting or use of race from federal programs or law permanently, including the census, but excluding generalized law enforcement descriptors. Create a new standard of treating individuals as individuals rather than limited by or empowered by their genetic backgrounds.

5. Justice Equality and Citizen Protection Act – Creates mandatory minimum standards for felony crime that removes judicial unfairness and creates a standard of ‘equal time for equal crime’. Creates enhanced mandatory minimums for repeat offenders. Creates a proactive intranet learning environment for reducing recidivism rate. Allots money for more federally operated prisons to stop the ‘catch and release’ going on due to lack of prison space and requires states to contract with federal prisons rather than releasing due to overcrowding. Address rules that allow judges to throw out evidence on technicalities, rather than admit all of the evidence

6. Lady Liberty Act – Immigration reform that returns the US to a land of opportunity for hard-working individuals. Creates an “illegal to legal” program that brings current immigrants out of the shadows and allows them to pursue citizenship over time with humane fines. Brings aboard needed legal, taxpaying citizens and prevents worker abuse. Allows for family relocation and travel within confined limits. Reforms the aging bureaucratic INS system. Creates guest worker VISAs. Enhances border patrols to target drug smuggling.

7. Crime and Drug Sanity Act – Legalizes growth, possession and use of marijuana for personal use ON A FEDERAL LEVEL, state and local ordinances may vary. Maintains federal law enforcement of marijuana sales and importation. Legalizes hemp for agricultural use. De-criminalizes use of ‘hard’ drugs ON A FEDERAL LEVEL. Increases penalties with mandatory minimums for the sale, distribution and importation of addictive drugs such as meth amphetamines, cocaine, heroin. Calls for the review of all non-violent drug offenders now in jail.

8. Citizen Congress and Voter Choice Act – Creates single term limit for all members of Congress to eliminate corruption, and create voter choice. Creates an even playing field by eliminating incumbency. Eliminates the allure of pork barrel spending an earmarks.

9. Fair Tax Choice Act – Creates fixed flat tax as an option to conventional tax filing. Tax payers may choose the option which works best for their situation.

10. Social Security/Medicare Choice Act – Creates optional Medical/Retirement Savings Account program to replace conventional Social Security and Medicare on an individual basis, allowing choice for tax payers.

11. Education Choice Act – Mandates that all federal spending on education be available to be transferred on a per student basis to a school of the parents’ choosing, including private school. Eliminates bi-lingual subsidies.

12. Defense Reform Act – Closes unneeded military bases in European countries. Reallocates resources to global hot spots such as the Middle East or Africa. Creates smaller, more diverse bases with fewer personnel and cost designed to respond to terrorist activities. Pursues lower cost technologies for defense rather than overkill exotic technologies. Focuses on troop level technology and resources.

13. Poverty Reduction Act – We pledge to strengthen home ownership programs, work with businesses to create government backed car loans for very high economy vehicles. We pledge to directly address the poverty in America through examining the costs afflicting the poor. We pledge to take a strong stance towards predatory lending, government fees, fines, interest penalties, healthcare, housing and insurances costs.