The Medicare/Social Security Conundrum

We’ve got a small public relations problem, folks.   As it turns out, most conservatives and Republicans don’t know how to answer a seemingly simple question – “are you against Social Security and Medicare?”    Say ‘no’ and you’re a ‘socialist’ and Democrat supporter.   Say ‘yes’ and you risk alienating every living older American voter.   The very question makes most conservatives sputter or simply blurt out the wrong answer to avoid health care assisted suicide.  But the problem isn’t really being ‘against’ Social Security and Medicare, it’s how to do it logically and persuasively.  After all, bought and paid for SCOTUS or not, Social Security and Medicare at the federal level are patently unconstitutional, how anyone could come to any other viewpoint is mind numbing.    No conservative in good conscience can be for either of these programs any more than they’re for ObamaCare.  But how do you speak the unspeakable?

Ask yourself this simple question – if you could have all of your Social Security and Medicare taxes back in cash, would you take it?  You bet you would!   You could pay off your house or invest in a business or stock market, pay your child’s education.   But you’re not going to get it back in cash, it’s been ‘borrowed’.   The only way to get it back is to live as long as you can and use it the hard way, getting old or getting sick.    So, of course, everyone here would like to get the money paid in back someday, one way or another.  People don’t want rid of Social Security or Medicare because it would be like tossing out most of their life savings.  But it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t take their money back.

The real, under your breath answer to the “are you against Social Security and Medicare?” is “yes of course I am, it’s entirely unconstitutional to take money from people and give back as the government sees fit.”    But the politically utterable answer certainly should be “It may be nearly a century too late to be for or against Social Security and Medicare, but I believe if you offered the millions of people who have paid into these programs all of their money back, I believe they’d line up to take it in massive numbers.”   Once this simple seed is planted in the minds of Social Security and Medicare recipients, the dynamic will change and the “third rail of politics” will be taken off the grid, much to the dismay of Democrats.