The Republican Race Problem

The most shining moment of political awakening I received came via a cute liberal hippy chick with whom I worked in college.   She was going into great detail about the racism at Penn State when I said that I simply didn’t see it.  In fact, I said, it seemed to me that the college almost goes too far to recruit minorities, with special incentives and classes not available to others.   You’d have thought I’d said her pants makes her butt look big.   As it turns out, *I* was a racist for not seeing that Penn State was racist.   Never mind that my girlfriend was, by all accounts, “black” (actually quite an interesting mix of races).   Nor that one of my roommates was also black and didn’t feel at all “oppressed by whitey”

Yes, I was a racist.   The accusation was jarring.  I’d never been called this before.   It was also liberating.   For the first time, I saw liberalism for what it was.   A hyper-sensitive, victim-based ideology that ironically used race and other characteristics as a method of inclusion or exclusion.    Apparently, in order to not be a racist, one had to not only see racism everywhere, but be actively outspoken about the horrors of racism.   It wasn’t enough to simply see people as individuals and not care about race.   At the same time this is senseless, it is also instructive.

The entire Republican race problem is this very phenomenon on a larger scale.   Never mind that Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Amendment in larger percentages than Democrats or that Abraham Lincoln nearly tore the Constitution and the country in half partially to free slaves.   It has nothing to do with voting records or the past.  It has everything to do with the lack of hyper attentiveness to race.   Democrats, as it turns out, are obsessed by race.   They think about it constantly and see race in everything.   I am convinced that they wake up with night sweats dreaming that they were a minority and it frightens them on multiple levels.

Most Republicans, on the other hand, are just like me.   They don’t bother to see race as any significant issue in society, nor do they see it as a significant issue with individuals they meet.   They simply don’t notice it and don’t care about it.  There, of course, exists a minority of Republicans that live in abject fear of race, the thought of being asked about it, the thought of mentioning it in public.   The kind that inevitably burbles some incoherent thought that made them wish they’d parked the Way Back Machine a little closer to their present location in time.   George Allen’s odd use of “macaca” and Lynn Jenkin’s all too recent “great white hope” eruption come to mind.

One need only go to The Huffington Post or Democratic Underground or DailyKos to see the facility with which liberals fling the word “racist” like an Olympic level monkey throws feces.   Almost as easily as they use ironically racist terms like “Uncle Tom” for a conservative black.   Apparently, Democrats see minorities as a bought and paid for voting block and if you happen to be one that doesn’t go along, you’re a racist as well.    A ‘traitor’.   As a minority, you must participate in group think and above all else, stay away from those “racist” Republicans.   It reminds me a bit of Logan’s Run, but this time, it is the rare minority within the minority that escapes to find a reality entirely different from the one they had been inculcated to believe.   But the ‘runner’ must be destroyed, lest others seek to avoid a Democratic ‘Carousel’, in this case, a state of perpetual poverty and mental slavery run by Democrat overlords.

During the 2008 election, I’d implored John McCain’s staff to adopt a different strategy on race.   The honesty strategy, with a twist.   To go to the NAACP and apologize, not for being racists, but for treating people as individuals.   Ridiculous?   Not really.  Not in “Liberal Universe” where black is white, up is down.   You see, Democrats see a lack of racial attitude as a form of racism.   Only those that are actively outspoken about race are not racists.   To NOT apologize for seeing minorities as individuals rather than voting blocks is seen, unconsciously, as an offense and so, in doing this bewildering action, it creates a not yet tested vaccine against race flu, that affliction that besets every Republican, every election season.   It is not to actually apologize for bad behavior, but the appearance of bad behavior.   Kind of like apologizing for forgetting to wear your flag pin to overtly declare your patriotism.

There is another component to the apology, of course, as that is just the preamble.   Once the apology is made, you have the ability to become inclusive and invite people to join the conservative movement, not along racial lines, but along ideology.   One might not know it, but minorities are overwhelmingly conservative, especially the older generations, in their personal lives.   They are extremely and openly religious, they tend to be anti-abortion, pro-family and, while I’m not sure I agree with this aspect, anti-gay marriage.   And I believe that most would prefer to be treated as an individual and not as a minority.   Welcome to conservatism!

Part II coming in The Republican Race Solution