It's All About Barack Obama

Recent events really do raise a question over whether or not Barack Obama truly gives a damn about the Democratic Party. Key issues that could save his colleagues in the House and Senate are either ignored, delayed, or downright rejected. And he offers no apology to those who will be negatively affected in their reelection bids.

Take the Keystone XL Pipeline or the EPA’s latest rules regarding carbon emissions, which will have an impact on energy production and jobs. Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) has spoken out against the administration on both issues. She’s behind Bill Cassidy in one-on-one polls and way below 50% in all-in polls, and the Obama administration is doing her no favors.

Nick Rahall (D), a House member from West Virginia, has been down as much as 14 points in his race for reelection. He is out there absolutely trashing the EPA rules, because they directly affect his base.

Congressional and Senate Democrats are coming out against the Obama administration over the Bowe Bergdahl trade. They weren’t even given a head’s up. Nothing that could let them say “No, Congress was informed,” to counter Republican claims. They weren’t given the opportunity.

The president needs ideological victories in order to come out with his head above water. Whether it is his staff, his cabinet, or his own decisions, at every turn, he has began to snub his own allies in the legislative branch. As a result, they are more confident about speaking out. They, too, have legacies to save. More importantly, they aren’t necessarily lame ducks.

The president, at this point, is in it for himself. His legacy, his policies, his reputation are all that matters. The label of “Worst President” is a real threat he faces and he has gone into a reactionary mode because of it. But, the cost could very well be more than the Democratic Party as a whole is willing to bear.