Mary's Reinforcements: Daddy

In some ways, Louisiana’s jungle primary system is great in that we get all our stuff done in 30 days, unlike the other states that have party primaries and political battles that get dragged on for months after a primary. The downside is that with all the excitement going on in Georgia, Kentucky, Iowa and other places, we get overlooked this summer. However, the battle here has stakes that are just as high… if not higher.

With the rolling average from Real Clear Politics showing Bill Cassidy up 2.2+ points in polling in a run-off scenario and the Southern Media and Opinion Research poll showing her only up over Cassidy by 1 point in the all-in primary scenario, Mary Landrieu’s prospects look rather dim. It’s no wonder, then, that she brought in the one person who helped the most in getting her elected originally.

Her father.

Moon Landrieu was very popular in the state, having been a New Orleans mayor and a court of appeals judge in Louisiana afterward. She ran on his name and won in her first Senate race by less than 6,000 votes. “Landrieu” is just one of those names that means something in Louisiana politics. Her brother, after all, followed in her father’s footsteps and is currently mayor of New Orleans (as well as debating a gubernatorial run).

“When you have nine children you’re bound to have one who’s hard headed,” says Moon Landrieu, 83, the former mayor of New Orleans, federal housing secretary and appellate judge.

“Dad, you’re one to talk,” replies Mary Landrieu, 58, a Democrat, who faces a tough re-election battle for a 4th Senate term.

The ad features the father and daughter engaging in casual banter in the living room of the family’s New Orleans home.

Moon Landrieu says in the 30-second ad that “I know how BP felt when Mary fought to get billions for Louisiana,” and how she “took on the president” to try and get the Keystone XL Pipeline approved.

Mary cannot run on the deeply unpopular Affordable Care Act, so she chooses to run on the Keystone XL Pipeline and her chairperson spot on the Senate Energy Committee. She would lead you to believe that it is a very influential spot in the Senate and a boon for Louisiana… except for two things: She’s apparently NOT influential enough to get a clean floor vote on the KXL pipeline and she voted for the natural-gas-hating Rhea Suh.

It’s almost fitting that in a race where Mary could lose her seat, she would go out the same way she came in. On her dad’s name. You know, since she can’t honestly run on much else.


My usual caveat when it comes to Landrieu: Never, ever underestimate a Landrieu in a tight situation.