Senator @MaryLandrieu's Newest Awful Ad

Mary Landrieu’s campaign was up early this morning, pushing a new ad that touts her fantastic appointment to the chair of the Senate Energy Committee. For weeks, they have been singing the praises of the promotion, using it as campaignable material because there is not a thing she can run on.

It’s her second ad to be released in the state (POLITICO got that wrong, missing the ad, that was later pulled, of her vowing to make Barack Obama keep his promise of “If you like your plan, etc.”), and it’s wonderfully funny. Not in terms of comedy, but in terms of just how false it really is on multiple levels.

BuzzFeed’s up first, with a delightful look at how, because of campaign rules, the campaign had to recreate a Senate hearing in order to make it look real(ish) on the commercial. It also shows Landrieu appearances on MSNBC, which, as we all know, is probably the highest-ranked news channel in the state of Louisiana. Also, as the BuzzFeed piece shows, there is a dude drinking Gatorade, which was a product originally created to help the Florida Gators, a rival to Louisiana State University’s Tigers (no real scandal there, but I found it funny).

Secondly is this observation: The commercial makes no reference, oddly enough, to Rhea Suh, the Interior Department nominee who once called natural gas our “greatest threat.” It was the first vote held by the committee since Landrieu took over, and she voted for Suh. The vote was along party lines.

This is also the second advertisement by her campaign that has her running against Barack Obama. The first ad, as mentioned above, was her running to make him keep his promise. This ad is about her pushing the administration to do something or other about U.S. energy production.

While the Louisiana Press (which in most places leans left, as expected) may praise her appointment to the committee, she’s done absolutely nothing to warrant that praise. They won’t admit that, but hey, who holds newspapers accountable anymore, right?




Note: As bad as it may look for her at times, never underestimate Mary Landrieu in an election.