Landrieu Continues Running Against Obama

As streiff noted earlier today, Mary Landrieu made a rather foolish vote made in a rather foolish nomination put up by a rather foolish President of the United States. She has absolutely no intention to mention it as she campaigns to hold on to her now very tenuous hold on public office. How tenuous?

Well then.

That average is only taking into account the two latest polls, but best case scenario for Landrieu according to this is that she’s lost 9 points (PPP) in six months. What’s happened since August of 2013? Mostly Obamacare. The disastrous rollout and subsequent stories of chaos in the insurance market (among other problems) has taken Landrieu down a ways in the polls. There are a few more things to note, as well: She’s not down-ticket from Barack Obama and it’s a midterm election, which typically has lower minority turnout. Her prime area of support is New Orleans, where her brother is mayor. If turnout is down there, she suffers a big setback.

Granted, we are still seven months out and just about anything can happen. Possibly even what Landrieu is hoping will happen: flood insurance “reform,” the Keystone Pipeline gets approved, and other issues of local interest. Go and check out her office’s YouTube page, which is filled with stories from local TV stations on these issues. But there seems to be nothing involving the Affordable Care Act in her upload history for the last three years.

Instead, what you get is her fighting… the president.

The only political ad of note in favor of Mary Landrieu for Senate cannot be found on her YouTube page. Any website that links to it, including RealClearPolitics and  The Advocate of Baton Rouge, ends up with the video not appearing. “This video has been set to private,” the text in the YouTube box reads. Originally, the ad ran describing her demands of the president to keep his promise of “If you like your plan, you can keep it.” The only other ad of note was released by the Senate Majority PAC, a Democratic PAC run by a former Harry Reid strategist, and it doesn’t defend Landrieu. It attacks Bill Cassidy, the Republican front-runner in the race.

In 2009, I was lucky enough as a 21-year old with a small town radio station’s morning talk show to have an interview with Mary Landrieu. In that interview, Landrieu was proud of the amendment added to the Senate version of the health care bill that gave $300 million to Louisiana. She was on record as having been against the health care overhaul until the day that amendment was added. Her website was edited immediately showing her newfound support for the law.

Landrieu touted the ability of people to keep their insurance. She praised the law keeping people from having unaffordable premiums. I listened to the audio from that interview again tonight. She loved the bill and what it would do. Those praises have long-since disappeared from her rhetoric. She knows she is one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the Senate, if not the single most vulnerable. Mark Pryor is giving her a hell of a race in that regard, but as my father-in-law likes to tell me, in a race among jackasses, you win no crown of laurels.