Aunt Samantha, the Wet Nurse

Earlier today, the Congressional Budget Office released a report on the effect the Affordable Care Act is going to have on the economy. It’s not the rosy picture we were told by the president – not even close. By now, you’ve heard the stats (stats so damning, the Washington Post buried them four and five paragraphs into their take on it earlier today). 2.5 million jobs negatively impacted. People reducing their hours or not even working at all.

It’s a utopia out there, folks!

The best part isn’t that the conservatives and Republicans can go “We told you so!” That’s really just the icing on the cake. The best part is the spin from our counterparts on the left. They are, as you may or may not be aware right now, arguing that the President of the United States has expanded freedom for 2.5 million people. He has freed them from the oppression that is work. If you stop and think about that for too long, you might rupture something vital.

The argument from the White House on down is that these workers who will face reduced hours, if they still even have a job, will be freer. They will be better off. Of course, how they’ll be better off is better left unspoken. It’ll be on your dime, after all. The “freedom” they will have is the freedom to live without fear of ever having to work again because government will provide for them. There will be no need to work as hard because the government will be there. They’ve got your back. Don’t worry about job interviews.

If you don’t believe me, look at the labor force participation rate. It is at its lowest and will probably sink lower. People who have no job and can’t find a job give up – another potential 2.5 million to that already increasing number will be another harsh blow to the fragile economy. But, never fear. Because Government will be their to feed you, clothe you, and give you a phone, too.

Erick once pointed out that, at one point, people loved suckling at the man boob of Uncle Sam. With the declaration that 2.5 million workers will be freer once Obamacare takes full effect, we’re effectively subsidizing Uncle Sam’s sexual reassignment surgery for a more authentic experience. We’re making him Aunt Samantha, the wet nurse. And that is probably the most horrifying image.