And here's @MaryLandrieu running against Obama

Per her communications guy:

Pay attention to that ad, because it tells you a lot about that campaign. First of all, nothing addressing her opponents, Rep. Bill Cassidy and Rob Maness. She is running on the platform that she is telling the president to fix things. She. Is telling. The president. What to do. The stones on this lady must be massive.

Now, even more importantly, Landrieu is more than a month late to the party. Ads from the National Republican Senatorial Committee has been running ads for a while, and Americans For Prosperity have been joining in the fun. I can only think of three things that would cause such a delay in the campaign buying up media time.

1. It took them a really long time to come up with a message that doesn’t outright reject the Affordable Care Act but still addresses problems and (bad) solutions.

2. The campaign has been struggling to find any message whatsoever.

3. They’ve been asleep.

The problem, and it seems like a veteran campaign like the Landrieu machine would know better, they have let the opponents begin to define her before she can define herself. TV ads are a solid way of getting out there, and she’s been quiet. It’s not like Cassidy or Maness, who haven’t had much out there either, because Landrieu is in trouble. She is in a very precarious situation and she hasn’t done a whole lot to stop that.

Mostly, it’s been media appearances and what really seems to be fine-tuning the message that we are now getting in this ad. She started out the summer saying she’d vote for it again. Subsequent appearances after the botched unveiling of the website have been her saying “I still support it but it needs to be fixed.” Now, the ad doesn’t outright say “I still support it.” That is pretty huge. She can’t admit that at all if she wants to win.

Her current buy is mostly unknown, though we do know it’s hitting major areas like Baton Rouge (Cassidy’s area), Lafayette and Alexandria. Other incumbents facing elections like Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) and Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) have been on the air for a while now.