Moderates aren't really into peace-and-love Republicanism


This is most telling because of what it means for the Republicans who have been negotiating with themselves and trying to find a middle ground:

It’s not freaking working.

What the GOP will take away from this (if they’re paying attention and I’m not even sure if they are anymore) is that they have to negotiate more. To them, it’s still Ted Cruz’s fault. That extremist cost them support. But it’s the exact opposite. When Cruz was going around, talking about defunding Obamacare, the idea gained tons of support. The delay tactic is now being openly pursued by Democrats in the Senate terrified it will cost them in 2014.

What this tibdit tells us is that all the work that went on in 2012 through now, that work to not attack Barack Obama and to be the nice party, the one willing to compromise and find neutral (read: liberal) ground to work on. The moderates are not interested, it would seem, in people without spines. If the GOP does not stand for anything, which is basically what they look like now (they stand against a lot… until, that is, they don’t, which usually comes after they negotiate with themselves).

The GOP should put some teeth into their policies now. I don’t care if you don’t go full Cruz, but for God’s sake, do something other than work for your own re-election. Actually push an agenda and try to get something done.