The Secret of Change

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.


Socrates was allegedly a smart guy. I regret missing out on that part of my education, but I was in Catholic school and nuns were hiding around every corner. I was too terrified to learn.

But this is an interesting quote because it is so applicable to our current political climate. The GOP is on the brink of surrendering (because of course they are) and we are left with the tab of the most expensive train wreck in history. Now, we as conservatives are left wondering what we should do with a party that has abandoned us. The short term answer is simple, and has been advocated here: Primary the old guard and get the new guys, the true conservatives, in there. But what is the long term?

That’s where Socrates comes in, near as I can tell. When we get these new guys in (yes, I said “when”), the plan needs to change. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee started it, and we need to continue it. You see, what Republicans have been doing is “fighting the old,” in this case, meaning they’ve spent their time fighting the Democrats on their terms. Playing defense. There has been no strategy in that – just look at the GOP establishment’s handling of the shutdown to see that. The GOP is aimless, and has resorting to just fighting in an effort to look like they’re doing something without having to do it. They don’t like taking risk, which is somewhat funny, given they often talk about running things like a business and businesses know taking risks yields rewards.

It is time, however, for the GOP to start “building the new.” We have to build a strategy, and the way they do this is by using the Lee/Cruz method – start the process of assembling your own ideas and legislation (none of this “the House has voted to repeal” nonsense). Come up with policy, rather than decry the Democrats’ policy.

One of the key problems is that we are the party of no idea, at least outwardly. You can complain and whine and moan about the media controlling the narrative, but consider that in the absence of real GOP leadership, two conservative freshmen senators took control of the message and even got it out through the media we see to be against us. It is possible, and with more voices joining the chorus, to make ourselves heard and properly understood, but only when we take control as Lee and Cruz did and push forward without fear of the media and the Democrats.